Past Birthday

Friday, August 23, 2013

I was really upset last night and it confused me because I haven't felt so shitty in quite awhile. I'm a sad person so I do get sad often but last night, it was horrible. It was sadness that makes me shiver from within (chey but seriously, it was quite bad) so I chose to sleep it off and I'm so much better now (maybe because it's a Friday night). My mom cooked my favourite dish ever today and I think I should learn how to cook it. Anyway, mom told me she wants to watch this Thai horror movie called Pawnshop which just released yesterday and I immediately wanted to watch it because it's a horror movie and I watched the trailer and it looks like it's a million times scarier than The Conjuring so let's see my face when I come to school on Wednesday hahaha.

Four months from today, it'd be my seventeenth birthday! I'd officially be in my late-teens. This makes me feel so old because I still feel like I'm ten years old. 2004 to 2010 was the era of good music, by the way. Anyway, every year for my birthday, my dad brings us out for dinner somewhere. I remember 2008, we went to eat at an Indian restaurant and that very night, the Singapore Flyer broke down and we were planning on going on there after dinner. Last year, we had lunch at a cafe at East Coast Park and then we went to Night Safari because it's free entry for birthday kidssss. I got free ice cream too! It was great (and sweaty ew) but the elephants were really cute and the laughing hyenas were creepy like dude stop laughing! I really just want to go to the Singapore Zoo because it'd still be bright and I can see the polar bears and the sloths (I only found out that they were the in Singapore Zoo a few months back) and the monkeys, I absolutely love monkeys (You have to know this about me. Monkeys are perfect, especially chimpanzees) and the lemurs oh my god. I love the zoo except that it's so hot and quite disgusting (NOTE TO SELF: Never go here on a first date... ) I use too many brackets when I blog or tweet, I apologize. That's my version of "inside voices".

I managed to distract myself from thinking about you today. Can you just ask me out after promos or during holidays okay yes please but I'm too shy like it's so unnecessary I wish I were braver or more outgoing hahahah I'm so easily scared and shy and nervous, or ask for my number okay I'll probably cry out of happiness or not because I'm such an idiot and I'll screw up hahahaha whatever. I doodled! Took ages but I'm done hahaha. The background took ages to do (a total of two and a half periods I think?)

I fail as a photographer man hahaha how did I get it so senget. Anyway, this is a line from "I Want" by One Direction.

Adios, I'm gonna watch more old music videos from my childhood.
Love you guys x

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