One Step At A Time

Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm gonna take one step at a time, live life on a day by day basis. I won't worry (much) about tomorrow, I'll just care about the present. "One step at a time" could also describe how I was walking at Gardens By The Bay on Saturday. There were millipedes everywhere, and if you know me personally, you'd know that I hate worms a lot. I hate worms more than onions, more than ants, more than school. I was literally on the verge of tears, it was a really terrifying experience. I had to wake up at six in the morning for that event, but I reached home at half past two, and took a long-ass nap till about eight, then I woke up and watched a couple episodes of Kitchen Nightmares. Anyway, here are a few pictures I took on my dslr while I was at GBTB. The pictures are unedited because I can't be bothered hahaha

This is a 7 ton baby sculpture wowowow and it's suspended.
A goat, because I'm a Capricorn.
Anyway, today was really tiring, even though I finished school at 1:45pm. Tomorrow will be shittier because I end at 4:15pm so I should probably sleep now (I will after I finish this blog entry). My classmates said I looked pretty today. Because of my fringe. That's nice of them, I was really touched :')
I can't wait for Friday, but that means it's gonna be closer to Promos. I'm honestly terrified, I have the worst exam nerves ever. Every year during the end-of-year exams back in TK, without fail, I'd be so nervous that I'll fall sick. I actually vomited on the bus on the way to one of my exams hahaha it was really horrible.

Japan Trip might be pushed back a day later, which doesn't affect much, I just felt like saying that. Allegiant by Veronica Roth comes out 22.10.13 and the movie for the first book Divergent come out 21.03.14 so I can hardly wait. The Divergent series is one of my favourites. 

I'm really curious. How do people see me like? What do they think of my hair, my eyes, my smile, my face. My sister says we're always very highly self-critical. But I'm highly self-critical with reason. I'm 100% me, and I'm 100% flaws. And I hate it, I despise it really. I wish I could change. I guess it's superficial to judge my entire existence based on how I look, but that's what really matters, right? When you meet people, they look at your appearance, and decide whether they want to talk to you. That's also why it's called "love at first sight", you fall in love with their appearance first, you can't fall in love with someone's personality at first sight. I don't even like my own personality. This is kinda depressing hahaha. Zee retweeted something about wondering how people describe her to other people. I wonder too, how someone would describe me to someone who has never met me before. 

Oh well, have an awesome Monday (one hour of monday left yay, it's a step closer to friday) xx

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