The Purge!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This review contains spoilers!! 

The Purge
Cast: Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Adelaide Kane
Director: James DeMonaco
Genre:Thriller/ Horror
Language: English
Release Date: 29 August 2013
Running Time: 86 minutes
Rating: NC16

Summary: A family is held hostage for harboring the target of a murderous syndicate during the Purge, a 12-hour period in which any and all crime is legalized.

My rating: 7.5/10
I finally caught The Purge today, close to two weeks after the release date. It was actually close to impossible to find any positive reviews and The Purge but I found it really good! Basically, the year is 2022, and unemployment is at 1%, and the crime rate is almost negligible. This is all thanks to the annual Purge where it is completely legal for citizens of the United States to commit any crime in a 12-hour period - rape, robbery, murder. Police/hospital services are not provided. This movie focuses on a wealthy family - the Sandins. James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) sells security systems, also almost to the entire neighbourhood of mansion-like homes. They were supposed to be safe after lockdown, in which all entries to the large home are barricaded with thick steel walls.

Everything's safe and sound until the stupid son Charlie (Max Burkholder) pities a homeless man who's screaming outside, seeking for a safe place to hide until the Purge is over. So yeah he's screaming, "Can anybody hear me?" and that stupid Charlie disarmed their security system and the homeless man manages to come inside. Zoey Sandin (Adelaide Kane - She plays Cora in Teen Wolf!!), the daughter, has a boyfriend who seems harmless and they're making out on the bed and all but okay let's skip that.

So awhile later, this group of scary people with weapons and masks just arrive at the Sandin's front door and announce that they will be left alone, only if they give the homeless man back to them. But the stupid Sandins are too stupid and too nice to just give that man back to the creepy people + he's gone off hiding somewhere in that stupid big house. Xinying and I were discussing that they could just find him and leave him near the front door and they could hide in a locked room as a family - and let the creepy people take that man. But this crazy Sandin family, just can't sit still and stay together - which annoys the crap out of me. It's an interesting storyline and all but the stupidity of the entire family and the crap things they choose to do (like c'mon, your family is in danger, can't you just stick with your family another few more hours?) made me want to stab myself to purge and cleanse my own soul.

It's also ridiculous that James Sandin sold these security systems to the entire neighbourhood and in the country whatever, and he earns so much money from it, but they're actually quite horrible. The creepy people so easily brought down the steel walls - what kind of security system is that? It's also stupid how simple it was to disarm the lockdown mode! It should have come with a fingerprint system or something because nothing would've happened if it wasn't for that stupid he-she Charlie.

No doubt, there are a several awesome, violent scenes which were totally cool - shotgun and axe-ing and all. Some scenes even made me jump out of my seat and made Xinying scream at a deafening 100 decibels. Mary Sandin (Lena Headey) is nothing like her Game of Thrones character Cersei Lannister, who is a total badass by the way. The wig was disturbing and I like her natural hair so much better. It was so frustrating but it was a wonderful movie and the little twist at the end makes you wonder how cruel humans can really be... Is it just in our nature to be violent, and keep grudges on people? 

Oh well, if you haven't watched the movie, you should. And if you have watched the movie then okay whatever. It's interesting and new, and frustrating but the violence and gore is A* and it scares you a little so B+ for that. I AM SO ANGRY but A+ movie go watch. Anyway, this movie review sucked because I suck but I don't give a shit because I'm just documenting my thoughts. I'm gonna go rate this on IMDb now bye

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