You'll Never Know

Friday, September 06, 2013

I was texting Sid last night, God knows why she was awake at two in the morning. Anyway, we realised something. There are two kinds of sad people. The ones who are openly sad, and the ones who are secretly sad. The ones who are openly sad aka me are the kind who tweets about everything and complain non-stop in school. The ones who are secretly sad are the ones who smiles and pretend everything's okay and nobody really knows when they feel like shit. That's the worst kind. Because they don't tell you when they're upset, you know. When dealing with the kind who are openly sad, you just get annoyed because they won't shut up about how miserable they are. I know, because my friends want to slap me for being so sad and whiny and ugly all the time. But I have a friend who falls into the other category and it sucks because we've known each other for a very long time but I don't really know her, because she doesn't really tell me anything about her or about what she's really feeling. It's always just me talking about my stupid feelings and about life and I ask about her, but she refuses to say anything that actually means something, y'know? Am I making sense? Speaking without really talking. It's just sad that they never let you in. I kinda hate it, like I want to be there for you, and I am here for you, but you don't want to tell me anything, how am I even supposed to try to help? It's their choice though, I'm practically useless anyway.

Here's the song of the week or the month or my life because I love it so much. It's Wrecking Ball by TwentyForSeven. It's a cover. The original is by Miley Cyrus, but I love the cover so much more, because it's less annoying and it's just a really really good song. So here :) Enjoy xx

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