Letters To...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dear future me, 
How are you doing? I wonder if you have any huge regrets. The current me is in an unhappy place, under the pressure of A Levels and a crazy amount of homework and I'm going crazy. I hope you're okay, I hope you're happy. I hope you're doing something you like. Am I supposed to write 5 years or 10 years ahead? What're you doing now? Are you still single? There's so much I want to know about future me. How different would I be? How do you look? So many questions, I wish I could predict my future, then I could properly decide what to do everyday. Oh well, short letter but I don't have much to say.......... I hope you're happy, I hope you love yourself, I hope you're living life without regrets, and YOLO!!

Past you.

Dear person I’m jealous of,
I guess I'm just envious that you have everything I could never have. It gets a bit frustrating sometimes, but that's  life, right? It's so easy for you to get people to like you, even without trying, while I'm just a mess and I'm super unlikable. And I'm not pretty, while you definitely are. I'm not smart, and you are. You have ambition, I'm still pretty much clueless. You have your whole life ahead of you, planned, while I'm just barely coping everyday. I'm envious of all the mini details that I lack.

T x

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