New Directions

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Went to the NUS Open Day 2015 and had some sort of epiphany. Okay maybe that's a severe exaggeration, but I think I know what I want to do now. I won't expand on that haha but anyway NUS is huge but I really like the environment and the vibe there!! At NTU it was like *crik crik crik* and super hot too hahaha and at least in NUS we get to choose which hall/residential college to apply to? (Not sure how that works, NUS people tell me please) So I'm still doing the stupid essay for the application haha I'm taking forever because I have work and dad wants to read through it but he's not free hopefully I'll submit by tomorrow night. I reeeeeeeeeeally hope I get into NUS and into the course I want but I'm just scared of everything new, it's all pretty terrifying. 

There's so many things I told myself I wanted to do after As and I haven't done so I'm mad about that boo ugh okay I'm really not in the mood to blog - my thoughts are all jumbled up right now. Maybe on my next off day from work, I'll blog properly haha

So the ones of me in the red plaid shirt are from the NUS Open House which I went with Nabs, Sid, Eli and Xinying but idk why there aren't any pictures with Xinying haha // Purple shirt is my work uniform ahhaha I was going to the toilet during work and decided to stop to take a picture with the Harrods bear haha I bet everyone was judging me // Pasta was the carbonara from Pizza Hut (ordered without mushroom bc gross lol) // Ugh my brain is so messy right now I want to do a brain spring cleaning haha ugh ugh ugh I'm currently so mad at myself for so many different reasons, you can't even begin to understand. 

Anyway I woke up late today (3pm) bc I was exhausted. I was at work from 6am to 3:30pm then I had a snack with Sid and Xinying and then Eli came and we got Starbucks and lepaked in the basement of T2 after I got my IC. Then we walked over to T1 (oops skytrain) and then waited at Pizza Hut for Nabs. Had dinner and then walked to Counter 8 where Feli was gonna check in for her flight to London. Her brother is cute????? Hahaha can't believe I never knew. Stay safe Feli!! Have fun, have courage and be the best you can be!! ♥  

Okay one last picture before I go:

(There's a better pic but it's on Feli's fam's DSLR hahah)

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