Let's Run Away

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I've always wanted to travel. I think about travelling the world all the time. I always dream of embarking on a journey, seeing the world, experiencing different environments and cultures and having an adventure-filled trip. But then I remember I'm stuck here in Singapore, with countless reasons that prevent me from going. Sometimes I would go to airline websites and pretend I'm going somewhere so I search up the dates I'm supposedly leaving and look at all the prices for the different flights. I'd do the same for hotels and resorts too. I guess I just really want an escape.

Today, I will be talking about the places I'd go to, if I could travel anywhere in the world. Firstly, I'm absolutely captivated by clear, blue waters. So of course, I'd choose to go to Australia. You might know that my family and I had planned a trip to Gold Coast mid last year, it was going to be a dream come true but unfortunately, it got cancelled. I'd love to go snorkeling and swimming in a sea that's literally transparent. That'd be awesome. Australia, Hawaii, Thailand, Maldives would be amazing. 

Other than that, I love stars! I've been begging my dad to get me a telescope for years but that's never going to happen. Plus, Singapore is shit so there's very low visibility anyway, which is why I really want to go to Spain!!! And certain parts of the US.

If you have never watched the video embed above... watch it. It's beautiful. Singapore is way too light-polluted for us to be able to see this with our naked eye. I just want to go somewhere far away and just truly appreciate the beauty of what's around us naturally.

I'd really love to go to Scotland. You have no idea how much I love Scotland. Of course, it started with a book. And now I just want to go to Scotland and explore every inch there is. Other places I'd like to visit include London, Los Angeles, New Zealand, Germany, Paris, Egypt, Mecca, Korea, Bali, Bora Bora and so much more.

If I could, it'd make me the happiest person alive.

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