What Am I Doing?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I typed this out Tuesday night:
I'm on the train and bored so I figured I'll just type out stuff. 

Semester 2 just started and I'm already feeling like a zombie. The first day was a lecture day and we had three lectures and I absorbed absolutely nothing so I should probably catch up asap. I didn't have school today but it was the only day my damai subcomm was free so I had to come back for my meeting. It was productive I guess, we settled the outline of what our first bonding session will be about - settled on the games we're gonna do... The best part about being in subcomm so far means I can choose to be the game master for the games I hate! I'm gonna participate in the later two games I guess. And for food, we're choosing between getting Qiji's Nasi Lemak. Pizza is obviously cheaper (I think) I just don't know if everyone likes pizza? I personally never get bored of pizza, I just don't want anyone else to be sick of it. So yeahhhhhh I don't know. Dilemma right there. And we're gonna collect $10 from everyone for the upcoming bonding sessions because apparently our subcomm is the least important and the damai fund isn't for us :') #SuchLuck

I hope I don't miss my stop man I'm blasting my music because it's noisy as hell in this train and also crowded as hell so I can't really see the overhead sign thing that shows where we are. I'm so tired I'm gonna pass out sigh. I hope there's nice food at home. I haven't been feeling well.

I honestly don't know what possessed me to sign up for stuff?? I'm usually the inactive type who just goes to school, come home, do homework, watch tv then sleep. But I ended up signing up for LPE (Longitudinal Patient Experience) where we basically do house visits to patients. And I signed up to be an OGL for Nursing FOC. And I signed up for Damai. I'm possessed really.

Oh look everyone's alighting at Serangoon I guess I can finally see the sign. Anyway, I almost panicked earlier because I thought the 5SOS concert was the day before our A&P II midterm and that would completely suck because A&P was shitty enough, A&P Level II is like crazy. But turns out I was wrong, thank God. The concert is Thursday the week before so like whatever yolo. Speaking of concerts, The Vamps is on 26th January which is the same week I have to join Dina's class for two modules because I can't make it on Friday and also the same week as the Damai bonding session and also the same week I'm gonna watch The Boy?? I've been waiting for that movie to come out since forever (kidding actually only since the trailers came out) so I hope it's not disappointing. Lauren Cohen (or is it Cohan idk I'm typing this on my phone okay so I'm lazy to check) (aka Maggie from TWD) is in it so I'm excited for that. The movie is basically like a 2015 Chucky and I liked Chucky movies so yeah hope it'd be good!!

I think I have to alight at the next stop. Skipping lunch was not a good decision. Have I mentioned that I have an 8am class tomorrow?? Totally dreading that man :( I have to get home and do my reading to prepare for whatever shit is coming my way. I hope I survive this semester.

And this is me typing now:
I just finished watching the first two episodes of Shadowhunters and I love it?? Oh and I just found out that Matthew Daddario is 1.9m? He's bloody tall sia and bloody beautiful also. I love the entire cast??

There's so much on my mind now and school is crazy overwhelming. I mean, we had a four hour practical for pharmacology yesterday and it was crazy because I had no idea what the hell I was doing but I did it anyway and I'm tired like all the time. There's CHA tomorrow from 8am to 1pm and then the week is over. I have to get my shit together. 

LPE meeting is postponed to Tuesday morning - yet another day I have to leave home on my off day gdi. So three lectures again on Monday, but this time all of them are at LT36 so I don't have to go to science yay. Shit that reminds me, I should probably get all my notes and send them to my dad so he can print them for me before Monday!

please remind me to take pictures with my friends?? like i'm in school with them all the time but i keep forgetting and i'm all about documenting everything in pictures but i seem to never remember
ok ciao i need to do school shit while i watch modern family

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