I Met Haizad Imran!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Yes, this deserves its very own entry. I may be blogging too much recently and I should probably be paying attention to this pharmacology lecture but we're talking steroids and my brain is about to explode. Vic called me and asked if I wanted tomatoes in my sandwich thing so I just like wat no and then she added ham so it's basically cheese toasties and oh my god it was my virgin experience trying that and it was so good. Like 10/10 good. You can get it at $4.50 at Dilys. There's two Dilys outlets, one in NUS MD6 and another at Science Canteen (same floor as Platypus). It is a bit expensive for just two sandwiches with cheese and ham I mean I could do that at home probably. Damai subcomm meeting this afternoon after school / God save me.

Okay, back to Valentines. Friday afternoon I was like, do you guys wanna watch Deadpool tonight? And Nadiah was busy or something so she was like how about Sunday? And I was like okay (Wow storytelling skills level 0) So we said okay. Dina and Nadh couldn't make it. So blah blah I was lazy throughout the weekend and then Sunday came and oh my god did I mention how my skin tried up like a bloody raisin?? Shafiq mentioned it could be because of my makeup and it probably is because of that bloody foundation I got that's too light for my face?? Basically my all time favourite foundation (I haven't tried much, I live under a rock) aka L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte in 106 Sun Beige finished and I was like so upset because I had to get a new one but they don't sell it in Singapore so I got a random Korean brand from Watsons and their darkest shade is still too light for me thanks A LOT but it's not about the shade it's about how it dries up my skin!! Mom gave me a cream but it burned my skin like I was in so much pain I think I cried but then I washed it off and bathed myself in Vaseline instead. Bless you Vaseline. I'm so off-topic.

Sunday morning came, I barely put on makeup and then I headed off to White Sands to get flowers for my Valentines' Day baes. Technically Insy and I were each others' Valentines but since we were going out together with Nadiah... I ended up not getting flowers and got them chocolates instead. Then I headed off to meet Nad first and we bought tickets! Seats were really bad, we were like third row... from the front. But I'd do anything for Ryan Reynolds. The guy didn't even ID me even though it's an M18 movie like I'm only 19 please ID me, Nadiah looks like a child!! I dragged Nad over to Fish & Co and it was like 1.30pm and I was craving some fish so I ordered the New York Fish and Chips and a glass of coke DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE FISH&CO IS ON WEEKENDS OH MY GOD it's twice as expensive than when you get it at student price. Student price you get your fish&chips and a glass of iced lemon tea for $9.90 NETT. But weekends? I paid $25 or something.  My wallet cried. Weekend movie tickets is also almost twice the price. Cheesus Christ.

The movie was amazing. Like amazing. Like I think I love it as much as I love Titanic and that's like my all-time favourite movie. It was hilarious, vulgar, violent, gory and had nudity which is basically like the best things in a movie - not horror, but still. Bloody amazing. 11/10 Definitely would recommend. Not on a weekend. The pegging scene Sha warned me about wasn't that bad. It was like two seconds so whatever. We walked to White Sands afterwards because I knew Insy haven't had dinner but then Nadiah and I saw Haizad Imran aka my childhood crush (Nadiah's, too) singing for some Valentines' Day event. I died. I died. Nadiah said she wanted to get a picture, and I was liek yeah me too but I didn't think it would actually happen?? We thought we would have to wait till the event ended at 6:30 but at 5:30 when we were at Guardian, they stopped singing and we were like omg let's go so we went there and Nad was like "Tiara you ask!" and I'm like "What? No? I can't" bc anxiety and after going back and forth about who should ask him for a picture, Nadiah walked over to him. I swear I thought my heart was about to explode, my heart was beating SO FAST. So it went like this.

Nad: Hey, can we get a picture?
(Haizad turns and goes like)
H: Yes, of course!
(Insy prepares to take the picture but he looks at me and goes like)
H: You look familiar.
Me: W a t
H: You look really familiar!
(I was like ?? and I think both Insy and Nad said something about me being a nurse which is IRRELEVANT BC I'VE NEVER MET HIM AS A NURSE)
Me: Uh, we've never met before but it's a pleasure to meet you.
(Then Nad finished taking her picture and I'm like)
Me: My turn!
(Insy takes a portrait pic)
Me: Can you take another one? But like landscape.
(Wow, good work T. Not horizontal but landscape so smart)
H: Yeah she wants all the cinematography.
(I was just like ?? at that statement but we took the picture anyway. Then it was Insy's turn.)
Me: You were amazing just now, by the way.
(He like humbly brushed it off?? Then Nad wanted a pic with all three of us so I asked a random guy to help take and that guy must have taken so many bc he was like "Bro, today I'm your photographer" or something like that to Haizad then we were like thank you!!)
H: Are you all nurses?
Us: Yeah
H: *launches into speech about choosing what specialisation we want, and studying hard and getting a degree after diploma*
Nad & Insy: We're taking our degree.
(*inserts shocked Haizad*)
Me: NUS.... has... like a degree program... for nursing. [GagapTiara96 is back]
H: Alhamdulillah!!
(Then a makcik comes and drags him away so he waves goodbye)

 So anyway, he's still working as a nurse at IMH so.......... looking forward to my attachment to IMH next year muahahahah. Bloody good day lah and then something else happened later that night which made me like asdfghjkljhgfdsasp crazy happy and my pulse raced  a g a i n  BUT that's a secret  hehe ok bYE gonna go focus on this lecture

(I asked Vic what the guy is supposed to be and she said "Moustache" wtf but she corrected herself and said "cai shen ye", whatever or whoever that is)

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