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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hi!! So my blog has been dead for almost three weeks excluding the video I shared on here last night but finals are finally over! I have completed my first year in university! (Technically) I still have my six-week-clinical-attachment at CGH starting 9th May but for now, I'm on vacation! I'm trying my best not to get bummed out over the fact that half my summer vacation is being taken up by clinicals, and hopefully it'd be a fruitful one and I learn stuff and become more confident with my skillz. I guess it's sort of late now, but if there's anyone who chose NUS Nursing and are gonna be freshmen in August, feel free to ask any questions!! I'm probably gonna make a "How to survive Nursing/Freshman Year" post later on? Maybe? 

I just finished queuing all my tv shows so yay it's time to multi-task and watch all episodes that I missed while blogging! I really don't wanna talk about exams because I think I messed up big time. So let's just not get into that!!! 

I wouldn't have made it through year one of university without my nursing baes. My melayus - missing Nadh & Ad -- thank you for making me smile and meeting me after classes / lectures / basically anytime we have in common since our timetables are not in sync at all. Serene - my fellow Pasir Risian, arigato for accompanying me on long train rides home after class, for being my LPE partner, occasional study buddy and being an overall chill person. My class baes - literally thank you for dealing with my bullshit 24/7 -- my self deprecating existence, my blur moments, my moodiness, my craziness. I love you all.

Throughout the two week "study" break we had, I decided to experiment with cooking a little, and thankfully my mom let me. She'd usually say no because I'd mess up the entire kitchen but she helped me with this and oh my god my pesto addiction. It's bloody expensive though?? Kinda wanna learn how to make it from scratch so I don't have to buy the ready-made bottles. I'm hungry just typing all of this. I'm starving I haven't eaten in like nine hours maybe? It's 3am right now by the way.

Anyway, I was planning on going to Lazarus Island (first picture) and St John's Island (second picture) I mean yeah it's pretty ulu and I went here with my MJ Bitches for Eli's party when she rented a yacht and that was bloody fun. I actually have a vlog about that party, you can find that on my youtube channel I guess!! But look how pretty the beach is!! And look at how many cats there are on St John's Island. SO MANY. It's literally Singapore's Cat Island. Anyone wanna go with me??

I had my final exams at UTown and on the way there we always pass by the NUS Museum and I really wanna go! I think it should be free for NUS students. And there's dinosaurs!! How cool is that. 

Please don't judge my choice of footwear. All of them are falling apart. Please remind me to get new sandals.

I'm part of NUS Project Damai -- we're a group of students from NUS Medicine, Nursing & Pharmacy, and Project Damai is an overseas community involvement program that is based in Padang, Indonesia.  The project aims to improve the healthcare needs of those in communities where healthcare services and facilities are inadequate. We plan to offer the following three main medical services to the communities in Padang Pariaman and Agam city: clinics, health screenings and health education.

So we're having a fundraiser!!! Please, if you have some money to spare, please make a donation by clicking the image above! Even small amounts like $5 will help us out!! Pretty please! If everyone who reads this makes that $5 donation, I'm sure it'll help reach our target soon :) Thank you so much for reading this entry.

So excited for all the stuff I've planned for the week ahead, and for all the unplanned stuff that's to come. Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

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