Nursing Experience 1.1

Sunday, June 05, 2016

So I guess this is sort of a continuation to my previous post "Nursing Experience 1.0". I have finished another two weeks of my clinical posting, and this time it was at a B class ward which means AIRCON. There were lesser beds too. There were five beds per cubicle and there were six cubicles so that's thirty beds plus two isolation rooms and three spare beds at the back, which makes thirty five? If I got that wrong then it's my fault ah my math is really bad. So my first week in this ward,  I was assigned to the the female cubicles. I think it was very uneventful hahaha there's really not much to do in that team because the patients are either very independent or bed-bound. Nevertheless, it was a good experience because I had the opportunity to help a doctor with blood-taking (it was a total fail but I shall not give details because of ~confidentiality~) and also the opportunities to watch not one but TWO urinary catheter insertions. 

I think I've become a little stronger emotionally (only at work, I'm still a mess any other time) in the sense that I don't quite let negative comments upset me. There was a patient who called me a prostitute I think like the whole week hahahaha but I knew she had severe dementia so that helped with me not taking her seriously whenever she says things? Occasionally she'd be in a good mood and say thank you when I feed her the prescribed medications and that feels really nice. And you know, other times she'd be super sarcastic I'd just laugh my ass off. Oh and the view at the back of the ward I was at was wonderful. Am I allowed to say what ward I was posted to??? Nevermind lah NUS always sends students to the same wards. I took a super short time lapse video during one of my afternoon shifts.

At this point I was still hurting. As in my feet. Because I was wearing Bata flats. They weren't really flat ah actually but it's one of those flex slip ons, you know? I wore it the first three weeks of work this semester and the two weeks of nursing home attachment last semester and died everyday. But I got new shoes when Nat and I went shoe shopping. So ya here's a recommendation. If you want shoes that aren't that expensive and that are super comfy, try Skechers. I know we need all black ah so the designs are quite limited but like 3 out of 5 of my shift group wear Skechers and it's comfortable as heck. I bought the Skechers Performance Men's Go Train-Ace which are like sneakers and oh my god the double cushioning I really feel like I'm walking on cushion okay. I've worn it for a week and it didn't even take time to be broken in or whatever, it's comfortable from day one. AND YES I bought men's shoes -- that's just my style okay hahahah

If you're posted to CGH and are afraid of fish, please avoid the fish tank behind Kopitiam. The fishes there are bloody big like I don't know whether they're genetically modified or what but it's really scary they could use these fishes in a horror movie like Piranha 3DD or what.

And oh my god, language is so important. If you have time, try to take a language mod!! Mandarin/Malay/Tamil/Hindi whatever. I was used as a translator a lot the past two weeks and it's been really like wow I need to brush up on my mother tongue knowledge. I didn't know what intestines were in malay, and I had no idea how to translate "anastomotic leak" into malay either but lol I will be better, I believe in myself.

Week 2 was... hectic, but good. Sometimes you have a soft spot for a particular patient and that's okay. Of course, keep it professional always. An elderly patient cried because he missed his mom and I was so so so upset by it because I didn't even know if his mom was alive or not. And another patient cried because he said "old is useless, i can't do anything, now i'm sick, in hospital. might as well die" god it kills me to hear them say stuff like this. I feel so sad that I'm moving to a new ward because then I wouldn't get to see them anymore.

There are definitely some very difficult days, and then there are some very very very good days like yesterday. Maybe I'm biased because I got five skills signed yesterday and completed my 38 skills requirement to pass this module hahaha but it was great still.

Ok I'm gonna sleep now and post a non-nursing related post tomorrow, so keep a lookout for that. 

I know I never would have joined a camp in a million years but my sister forced me and the nursing foc was the best thing to happen to me because it allowed me to make new friends and generally feel less alone when school starts fo real

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