I'm Not Unemployed! // Another Life Update

Friday, February 06, 2015

So on Monday, Sid and I signed our contract for our job ever! It's at the airport, at an electronics store. Our agent said that our contract says we can't reveal details about our job so I don't know how much is too much!! I shall just say that the pay isn't too high (I wish) but it isn't too low either. And there's no commission so that sucks but whatever!! I start work on the 9th so that'll be a huge shock to my body since I'm going from being in bed all day to standing for 8 hours a day at least lol 

Anyway in the last post I made I said I was going to blog and then I didn't haha I'm the world's laziest person right but here are some pictures that I haven't posted. I have a bunch of stuff to blog about so let's just hope that I actually blog about it!!

I've had tons of pizza lately yum yum fatty

Sigh I loved you so much

Anyway this guy here is Cameron

This is also Cameron. He plays Ian in Shameless hehe so qt

I have such short & fat fingers hor

Chicken satay @ PappaRich
I wish I looked like Shani lol

 This was at Topshop after lunch at 18 Chefs @ East Point!!

Boooo I have to go and edit my sister's photographs on Lightroom now but I'll be back later to make a list on here. My teeth looks quite white in the picture above hor - no edit one!! 

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