Xinying Turns 19

Friday, May 22, 2015

I slept at like five thirty am but woke up at eight forty am on the 21st of May, the baby monkey's birthday. Got ready and then waited at the bus stop at around 11 for Nabs. She texted me and called and I boarded the bus, and of course I knew she'd be sitting right at the back, as always. So we sat there and headed for Nex! Met Sid and we designed the cake at Icing Room. It was quite affordable leh actually! And it has no alcohol or gelatin so don't worry ya'll muslim buds, the cake and icing is practically halal haha. Eli also came and we finalised the cake. Then we dropped by Zepy Games and Nabs & Sid bought me Sims 4 as part of my 2013/2014 birthday present. 

We met Xinying, gave her the cake, bought tickets to Pitch Perfect 2 and headed to Mad Jack to have lunch. We wanted to refrigerate the cake but since Mad Jack is halal certified and the Icing Room isn't, they refused to keep the cake (sad) but it's okay. Watched the movie afterwards and it was good and funny. Wish I had Anna Kendrick's body type/build but then I'd be super short. Actually, I want to look exactly like Phoebe Tonkin, her face her hair her body - but with my current boobs ahhahaa oh well a girl can dream. She's literally like #goals.

This is an average day with Nabs, we make weird faces

With Sidster, always the camwhore hehe

Eli & Nabs

Of course, some photos with the birthday girl aka baby monkey aka Xinying aka Menyanyi

Clique picture! Missing Feli who's in London :(

Speaking about London, I want to go there!!!!!! I want to go shopping and explore the places and visit Feli and lepak with her and vlog and ugh it's like $2k for a return trip though so expensive. There's so many places I want to travel to I want to explore the world. It's scary to think that if I'm not successful in my vocation then I won't be able to afford my travels and that's something I really want to do. And it's crazy to think that there's 148326000km²  of land to visit - okay I'm exaggerating I don't want to explore every single kilometre of all deserts and jungles and outbacks but I mean that is an accurate figure of how much land there is on Earth but I'm not even exploring all 716.1 km² of land in Singapore. SIGH.

Cotton On, trying on clothes. Xinying ended up getting me the outfit on the left as part of my 2013/2014 present also.

My current hair

Gonna get back to playing Sims 4, adios xo

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