Thursday Tearsday

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ms Lai announced that tomorrow will be a holiday!!! I almost cried with joy (Jk I'm not that emotional) I'm really excited because Nabs and I and maybe Sid will be going out for lunch + a little shopping + a movie tomorrow which will be so fun because I haven't gone out in ages. Today's gonna be a super long day though. School ends at 2.35 then I'll have my Atomic Structure Retest from 3.25 to 4.15 then I have to do PW with my mates till maybe a couple hours later. I can barely wait for the moment I reach home! I'll either do start reading my book or maybe I'll watch a movie on my laptop like grrr it's officially the last day of the term (yes, despite the lectures next week)

I can't even begin to describe how relieved I am that there's no school tomorrow. School is such a mood spoiler. I'm very hungry now but I'm fat so okay no food till maybe lunch. I just remembered that we're getting our report slips later during Chrystal OMG this is the death of me I'll get straight Us. And I'm getting back the Chem Bonding/Kinetics Test in like an hour - holy shit - and I just hope I don't get lowest in class because Saif said the paper was hard and Carmello the smartass didn't do that well either (obviously better than how I will do in the test though) 

Ack I wish I could just go home right now because I just can't be bothered with anything anymore I just want to crash sighpie. I promise my next post won't be very whiny xo

/edit/ Hi! I'm in Chrystal now and we just got back our interm report hahahah I suck. I have three passes, one subpass and one ungraded (for chemistry, obviously). I expected straight Us but yay I did a little better. And I did my Atomic Structure Retest already - basically he asked me to redo part (a), (b)(i)(ii) and (c) and he gave me 12.5 minutes but I finished it in 6 minutes yay then I had lunch which was a milo energy bar + kaya tart + french toast with ham & cheese (lol fatty) oh and red bean potong ice cream oh god I really am a fatty. Oh well, math lecture after this meaning time for me to zone out because differentiation is shit. Did I mention that I'm terribly sick? :(

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