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Thursday, July 10, 2014

I guess I'm really happy right now! I only have a few minutes to blog so I shall do this super quickly. I'm super duper broke, so when my friends asked me out to go shopping today, I didn't wanna go. Of course everyone was saying like "I'll go if she goes" And they were all whatsapping me asking me to come today and I was just very lazy and I had no money anyway. So while I was helping my little sister with some school stuff, I missed like 300+ messages on the clique chat and apparently they were all too afraid to call me because they didn't know what mood I was in. And again, apparently, Sid told me that if I'm pissed off or just upset (which is most of the time), I'll be quite bitchy to anyone who disturbs me. But luckily for Eli who was given the task of calling me, by the rest of the clique, I was in a happy mood so the phone call was fine. And attention: I'm in no way a scary person, I swear. I'm so nice all the time (I try to).

Let's go to the point: I decided to go. My parents decided to give me $50 and the kindest, most beautiful person on earth aka my older sis, decided to give me another $50. And I found $7 in my wallet!! So I went, in the morning and we shopped. Since half of us were fasting, we didn't have to stop for food at all. So it was pure shopping, from 313 @ Somerset to Cine to Scape to Taka to Ion so that's a lot for a person who never ever ever shops and never ever ever gets out of Pasir Ris, like ever. So my feet were dying and all that. I met my sister at 6-ish and we got home 4 minutes after Maghrib and the parents yelled at us for a bit and I had the best kebab ever that my mom made and now I'm here blogging! So here's a bunch of pictures that will tell my day better than these two paragraphs did. (I'll try putting them in chronological order)

And I tried on the dress that I bought when I got home!

I'm gonna lepak the shit out of my Thursday since it's my only break before school resumes on Friday. I have the shittiest timetable EVER. Hope we survive this semester, 13S305, let's do this xo 

I completely forgot that I wanted to take high quality pictures of the 5SOS album! I wore my 5SOS shirt out today! I also bought a 5SOS badge, and a small skull one, and I got my sister an Arctic Monkeys badge. So that's all I spent today, I'm quite awesome, right? I'm really tempted to go back to Cine and that one particular store and buy everything :( I wish I had walls to decorate. 

Love y'all, keep smiling! :)

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