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Friday, November 14, 2014

Bio Paper today was horrible and I've basically been upset the entire evening. I haven't blogged since the start of A Levels and I'm left with four papers left! I'm tired and lazy and not in the mood to study at all boohoo. I'll just post some pictures to summarise the past month or whatever. I'm just very sad right now.

My little sister wrote this lol
My beanie arrived!! It's actually much darker. Y'all know I only ever wear really dark lipstick so here lol all the dark reds look very bright

I don't have that many pictures to post...

I've spent so much for Prom Prep!! $85 for hotel, $150 for dress alterations, $33 for a makeup artist and just a lot of other stuff I spent on (mostly with my dad's money) But hey actually no!!! I'm paying all using my November/December allowance omg just realised that no wonder I'm so broke. My dad's giving me more money for my hair appointment at the end of the month, and he also gave me some money for a makeup haul that will arrive hopefully next week!!! (I have VERY LITTLE savings not even kidding) (PS: I don't have access to my bank account, I already used up my Raya money so much earlier, and I'm basically left with less than $50 I think including coins lol)  Anyway, I used up part of my savings to purchase an eyeshadow palette on Luxola with the help of my very kind sister. It's arriving tomorrow night so I'm excited about that.

I've become quite fascinated and obsessed with makeup and I'm actually planning on expanding my makeup collection - my makeup "collection" is non-existent. I have a foundation which I lost in my move from the other room to my current room - it's in my storage box somewhere, I'll look for it after A Levels lol. I have a few BB creams, two lipsticks, a few lipbalms, no eyeliner - my one and only just finished, and an eyebrow thing. I use eyeshadow palettes that my mom has and that includes many Avon quads, some Maybelline ones, and Naked 1 & 2 palettes from Urban Decay. I don't go out a lot so I don't wear makeup very often but I'm really excited for post-A Levels!!

Lastly, I'm a shit blogger, I know, but I have good news! I'm going to try making videos after A Levels! I used to do (very boring) vlogs back in 2011/2012, but I deleted all the videos as well as the channel itself, but I'm giving it another shot! So I'll probably do an intro video pretttttty soon and then a few random videos about the makeup I just bought and also other stuff like prom prep and all that so I'm really looking forward to that. I hope people actually watch my videos ahhaha. I need to look for my digital/compact camera because that would make it much easier for me to carry around to vlog! And I finally can use my DSLR again and I'm very excited because I miss it so badly and I can use the lenses that I bought that I haven't really used. Sooooo stay tuned because I'll be back soon in like 12 days or something and I'll upload a video as soon as I can and tell me if you like it!! Wow who am I talking to *crick crick crick* The only person who actually reads my blog is the lovely Sam (and my sister) (who I forced to subscribe to my blog) and the rest of the views I get are probably from people who click the link I post on twitter lol THANK YOU for reading up till this exact point. Love y'all loads, work hard for A Levels!!! 

(I took the background picture I miss this)

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  1. *-* looking forward haha no wonder I couldn't find the past videos!!