Jet Black Heart

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I absolutely 5SOS's new song "Jet Black Heart" I love the lyrics, the vocals, the vibes, the music. I've been looking for new music to listen to recently and 5SOS just released their She's Kinda Hot EP and Halsey released her album Badlands so I'm gonna listen to that when I have the time or on my long train rides to and from school. It's actually quite a strange feeling to now go to a school that's slightly over an hour away from home when I used to go to junior college that's literally less than ten minutes away. It's been okay, though. I'm cool with it as long as I get a seat hehe.
I did HIIT with Farah, Dina, Christel & her friend Aishah. I did quite badly, unsurprisingly. Considering how completely unfit I am, I had thought it would've been much worse. Each set comprised of high knees, squats, push ups, more squats, lunges, inclined push ups, more lunges, decline push ups, burpees (I think this is it) and there were four sets of this. I completed one set and halfway through the second one I vomited and I got super dizzy and gross so one of the coaches told me to rest lol he's so nice. He said "You've done everything perfectly. It's okay if you do less as long as you do it right. I was just like you the first time I started too." Then I felt slightly better so I did the entire third set... and then felt shit halfway through the fourth set lol so I stopped once again. Good job T, I can't even do four sets. But now I'm aching all over it hurts so bad. And the fact that I have stairs in the house does not help because it hurts when I go up or down and it hurts when I move so I choose to sleep all day everyday. I'll have to do homework again tomorrow though :( Anyway Thursday's shake was quite nice it was chocolate-flavored hehe I was thinking of meal replacements since I can't help but eat shit food everyday. Herbalife is the recommended brand by the centre I'm working out at, but their shakes (to be consumed as meal replacements) are like $80+ for 550g and like most gyms recommend it. But then there's also Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard which is like mad popular it's like top notch quality and it's so much cheaper!! It's like $44 for 2lbs which is almost 1kg so guess what I ordered? The latter of course, and I ordered the Extreme Milk Chocolate flavor so I'm  very excited for that! It's arriving Monday night yay

I'm pissed because my bag still hasn't arrived. I'm just trying to be patient before actually lodging a complaint with Groupon. Next week is gonna be a long week... Anyway oh my god Tuesday I'll be having a "mock" skills assessment test for lab and I'm terrified cos it's like all three themes: asepsis & infection control, patient assessment + mobility & patient safety - like I think I'm alright with theme one and theme three but patient assessment... Of course I'm alright at temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, pain score BUT BLOOD PRESSURE ASTAGHFIRULLAH seriously why can't they invest in an electric one the manual blood pressure device is really all sorts of burden. I completely suck at it but as long as I act-act maybe I can pass hor

Anyway on Monday I met the Pharm students in my IPE group and we (I) found someone we could interview, she's a nurse at NUH so that's cool. None of them except my classmate is replying on the IPE group chat so I find that extremely annoying because we want to get the email out asap. I'm guessing the interview isn't that important to my groupmates but it's important for me and Yee Yean because we need a good interview so we can do a good report/reflection which is like 20% of our final grade for the comms module. I just hope it all goes smoothly!! And also guess who I met?? Shafiq haha we've followed each other on twitter for a couple years probably and that was the first time we met in real life and I was awkward as hell but iz okai!! Anyway the rest of the week was boring, Tuesday was tiring, I didn't have school on Wednesday. Thursday was the day I had one tutorial from 8am to 10am and that's it so I stayed in school to do my presentation slides with Vic and then I slept in the Medical Library for a couple hours then headed to do HIIT at the wellness centre as I mentioned in paragraph two of this post lol annnnnd Friday? We had a field trip to Queenstown for our elderly module. Imagine 129 nursing students all in Queenstown haha I bet some skipped it I guess. That was tiring and sweaty. I had lunch at Butterscotch with Dina, Nadiah & Nadhirah afterward and then headed home and slept for six hours hahaha
Celebrated Char's birthday with my class
Vic is like my personal photographer haha but yay to having Starbucks literally next to my building
Anyway those last three pictures - I found them on tumblr and thought they were funny so I sent them to my tutorial group and they think I'm a frickin weirdo now hahaha oops

Also thank you for 10.8k+ views
(Hitting 10k views was one of the goals I had for this year!!)
Until next time, adios!

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