Flavour Flings: A Review

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

I saw a video about the raclette cheese on Facebook somewhere so I saved it and then a few days later my mom asked if I wanted to go. I didn't have school and if I went with my mom, I wouldn't have to pay so of course I said yes #motherdaughterbonding !! We found the place easily enough and it was surprisingly empty! I read that a reservation was essential to chope your place so I placed a reservation but there was only one other couple there! Turns out reservations are more for dinner time because it's packed during dinner time and it's super quiet and empty on quiet, rainy afternoons. We took a seat here and I absolutely adored the wall painting!!

The place is pretty spacious. I think the moment we walked in there was a pretty weird smell. Turns out that was the smell of the Raclette cheese burning. We placed our order at the counter and got our root beer floats almost immediately. Then a bit later we got our Salted Egg Croissant, and the same lady who took our order prepared/heated the cheese wheel and I got my phone ready ofc and oh my god it looked so good as she scraped the cheese off onto the croissant. 

Some salted egg foods don't taste at all like salted egg but oh god look at this croissant. The salted egg sauce was literally exploding out of the croissant and the raclette cheese tasted so good with the croissant and sauce w;dbjowig this was uh of course the Salted Egg Croissant with Raclette ($9.90)

Me being me... of course I ordered the Carbonara ($14.90) ... without mushrooms. So good. How is this a food review if all I can say is "it's good" but whatever it's good okay!! And I love that there's so much cream sauce?? Some carbonaras are so dry. I know my most hated form of pasta is spaghetti but oh well. I enjoyed this but this wasn't very boomz.

My mom ordered something that had "Norwegian" and "dirty" in it and I can't seem to find it in the menus I can find on google but as you can see, there's brioche, smoked salmon, poached eggs, and sausages. My mom loved it but she can't get over how good the Salted Egg Croissant with Raclette Cheese was. She was going on and on about it and I agree!! It was fantastic.

I wish I had enough money to eat good food all the time mmmmm

Okay so I hope you enjoyed reading this or just looking at the pictures$s$S
Don't forget to make a reservation if you're going at dinner time!!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Flavour Flings
Blk 121 Hougang Avenue 1
Singapore 530121

PS: Yes, it's a MUIS-certified halal cafe.

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