Goal Setting: 2018

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Alright, I think it's never too late to set some goals and deadlines for whatever you want to achieve so here goes! I feel like I'm going to focus on two things this year which would be to lose weight & to write more. 
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Losing weight is definitely necessary because I've been unhappy with my body for so long and I've tried starting several different exercise routines but I never stuck with them because I either got too busy with school work or just couldn't find the motivation to carry on. But since I have a lot of time on my hands now and no school to bother me, I can finally really focus on working out and eating healthily (as best as I can lmao I'm a sucker for food).

So here are some fitness goals that I feel are achievable —
   ☻    Achieve 125 workout days in 2018
   ☻    Lose 10 kilograms by my 22nd birthday (23rd December 2018)
   ☻    Run for 10 minutes without stopping
   ☻    Finish 2.4km run in less than: 

                   —   25 minutes 
                   —   20 minutes
                   —   17 minutes
   ☻    Fit into old jeans 
                   —   Wear Forever 21 jeans comfortably (31 inch)
                   —   Wear my Forever 21 jeans comfortably (30 inch)
                   —   Wear my New Look jeans comfortably (30 inch)
   ☻    Be able to do 45 sit ups consecutively without complaining
   ☻    Be able to do a 1 minute plank without dropping 
   ☻    Be able to do proper push-ups for a whole minute

If you're thinking this is all super easy then you have no idea how terrible my stamina is. Back in junior college, my best timing for 2.4km was 20 minutes. I have never passed NaPFA in secondary school or junior college simply because of my 2.4km run timing. I cheated once in Secondary One because I was about thirty seconds too late from the cut-off time but that was the closest to passing I had ever been. And I know I've seen people do 50 sit ups in that one minute effortlessly but I start screaming like a woman in the middle of giving birth after my... 16th sit-up? So I'm really hoping that 2018 is my year. I believe in myself, I can do this.

Writing more is my second goal and I think this is important because I tend to keep everything to myself — loljk I rant a lot to my friends  but I do think it would be good for me to write everything out so I can get it out of my system, but to also sort all my thoughts so my head's not so much of a mess. Hopefully, writing would be cathartic for me and that it would also help me mentally and emotionally. I feel like I'd write in private a lot as I think that would be therapeutic but I do also want to keep this blog updated so my only goal is to write at least once a week. So since it's already the end of January, there's 48 weeks left and therefore, my writing goal would be:

   ☻    Write 48 more posts this year

That's all I can think of right now   I will be doing an update on this post at the end of March. And that's it! I think both are quite achievable goals if I put in the effort. This is my year!!

♡ Tiara ♡

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