Get To Know Me (Part I)

Sunday, July 07, 2013

1. Five ways to win my heart 
Always be honest with me. Get me food I like. Don't try to change me, try to under understand me. Be yourself.

2. Something I feel strongly about
It's increasingly difficult for teenagers in Singapore to go through the education system, happily. I acknowledge that a stress-free system would be impossible, but it's unbearable for students nowadays, okay? Do something about it, adopt the Finland education system or something, just get rid of the kiasu parents mindset and the A for Asians mindset okay.

3. A book I love
I love loads of books but let's just talk about The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. It was my literature book for the year 2012 and it's so good. It's like scifi/dystopian kind of novel and it was amazing and I read it so many times - partly because it was my O Level book but also because I enjoyed it so much. It highlighted so many characteristics of society. It brought to light the staunch-mindedness and self-righteousness of people and it was really a lot about hope and I loved it and you should all check it out.

4. Bullet my whole day

  • Woke up at noon
  • Went out to watch a play
  • Came home
  • Blogged
  • Ate
  • Blogging again
5. Things you want to say to an ex
Thank you for not existing.

6. Your views on mainstream music
It used to be really good from 2004 to 2009 and then it got too shit to handle. Some artistes/bands are still good though.

7. Five pet peeves
When little kids have no respect whatsoever for me
When people talk loudly while I'm watching tv
When the clouds decide to keep a lot of moisture but NOT rain
When people lack manners
When there are ants around me

8. What you ate today
Gado-gado, chocolate bar, milo bar, cheese bar

9. How important you think education is
Education is undeniably important but there's just something wrong with the system because students are just too unhappy to learn and be productive.

10. Put my music player on shuffle and play the first ten songs that plays
  1. My Beautiful Woman - Backstreet Boys
  2. Who Are You Now - Sleeping With Sirens
  3. Carmen - Lana Del Rey
  4. One In A Milion - Backstreet Boys
  5. Are You Satisfied? - Marina & The Diamonds
  6. Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night) - All Time Low
  7. The Distance - Hot Chelle Rae
  8. Peaches - New Heights
  9. Over Again - One Direction
  10. Black Cat - Mayday Parade
11. My family
I have two sisters, one is twenty and the other thirteen. I have a grandfather and a grandmother and my two parents have an age difference of nine years and a height difference of twenty centimeters. 

12. Five guys who I find attractive
Dylan O'Brien, Daniel Sharman, Tyler Posey, Keegan Allen, Drew Roy

13. My opinion on my body and how comfortable I am with it
... This question just had to come up, didn't it? To be honest, I dislike my body, no, I hate it and I feel so fat and I feel like I'm in a fat suit and I just want to cut it open and just throw the fats away but it's not as simple as that. I feel foreign. I feel like I am meant to be just bones but I'm just all fat.

14. What I wore today
A dark blue dress + a brown belt + a dark blue blazer + black jeans + wedges.

15. My zodiac/horoscope and if I think it fits my personality
I'm a capricorn. Key characteristics: Loving, susceptible, sympathetic, sensual, faithful, instinctive, charitable, over-reactive and moody. It fits me perfectly. Crap.

ps: this was answered yesterday but posted today

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