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Monday, January 06, 2014

What's up? I told myself I'd only blog tomorrow after school as part of my self-control process, but I figured, since I have a few hours of free time, I'd just blog anyway. 

On the 2nd and 3rd of January, I volunteered at Punggol Green Primary School as part of CIP, for their orientation. I took a cab from Pasir Ris with Sidra and the cab fare was so high ($14) because even with GPS, the taxi driver couldn't find the school. Eli was waiting for me at the drop-off point so we walked to the indoor basketball court and took attendance. I was surprised that I was assigned to a Primary 2 class, but oh well. We had to help kids into the hall and some kids didn't even know their class, then I had to ask their parents haha. I was assigned to class 2C, with a few guys: Zhi Yi, Wilson, Aniq, Jun Hong and a girl (yay) Jia Yi. I'm awkward as f, so I don't think I talked much. First, we helped the teacher collect books from the students - I think I'm pretty efficient muahaha. Then we had to play bonding games with the class so we played hangman or something. Then recess!! We (the volunteers) were each assigned 5 students I think to take care of during recess. I was scared I couldn't remember who I was in charge of so guess what, I actually took a picture of them. I wasn't in the mood to eat so I just queued up with them and accompanied them to eat and then accompanied them to queue for drinks. We were given a break after their recess to have our own breakfast/lunch, but I still didn't want to eat so I just sat there like awksss because they're all talking and I'm like ... I'm just gonna play with my phone. We went up early because there was nothing to do, and helped the kids out with some of their worksheets - family trees and "all-about me" worksheets. It was quite tiring for me to always squat down to help them because I have really really bad knees haha but I survived. Eli asked me to wait for her after I got dismissed because she got dismissed late, then she wanted me to accompany her to the toilet, and guess what, after I waited so much, she ran off and ditched me to get a taxi and she left me there. I'm pretty sure I walked 2 kilometres before a taxi actually stopped for me. On the plus side, the fare was cheaper ($6).
Class on the first day! Or was this the second day...

The next day, Sid and I went to take a cab again, and this taxi driver didn't even have a GPS so he got really lost and when I gave him directions, he didn't want to listen to me, so I reached my school 10 minutes late, and Sidra told me the fare ended up being $20. I was really pissed. That day, I don't actually remember what happened. I think they did more worksheets, then it was recess again. The teacher told us not to come up before 12! We all thought the teacher didn't like us as volunteers haha but to our surprise, they were making something for us!
 Thank you cards from my kids!!
 This was from Zelia! And it says "Thank you Tiara sister for playing with me."
 This is from Zi Xin, and it says " Thank you for your help" hahaha
 This is from Reanna and you guys can read lah right.
From Yashodha haha wah my hair ah, maintain pls.
 This is from Michelle, she gave this to me and then she hugged me for two entire minutes and she didn't want to let go. It was such an awkward position because her face is right under my boob hahaha.
 Meet Ryan. He didn't want me to help him because he wanted Aniq to help him hahaha but unfortunately Aniq left for Friday prayers haha poor Ryan. (He also got his thermometer stuck in its case earlier that day haha)
 This is Michelle! Hardcore hugger, and she has the same waterbottle as I do, but in red!
Meet Reanna. She's really nice, and look at her table art! Her mom helped her haha.
Ryan with the birds. He apparently has a pet parrot at home! How cool!

I went home and made myself lunch and then fell asleep till 5.30 haha I went for a jog/walk (mostly walk) at Pasir Ris Park. It makes me really sad that there are old men who are much more fit than I am. It's embarrassing that I can't even jog continuously for more than 200m. 
Nice views, right? I reached home quite late - a few minutes past Maghrib, whoops.

Anyway, first day of school was alright. It's the first time in my entire time being a teenager, that I actually finished my homework before school begins. I am incredibly proud of myself. I met my new teachers Mr Glynsen Wong - pronounced Glensen (he emphasized haha) and Mr Max Cheong and they seem really nice and I bet they're really good teachers! The school day was really long, and I don't think I've ever had a first day of school that involved actual lessons? Wow, JC - surprises, every time. I got home at about half past four, and fell asleep. I think tomorrow wouldn't be so bad! It's a really short day, with us ending at 1:45pm. The only thing I'm dreading tomorrow is PE. I've dreaded PE for as long as I can remember, but it's height & weight check tomorrow! If my BMI is more or equal to 25.7, I'm gonna get into fat club, which means I have to come to school early twice a week, to run, do lunges, lift weights - all other sorts of stuff - for 10 weeks. I don't want that! I want my sleep, I really do.  I just need a few more weeks, or months to lose weight the way I want to! I don't want to be forced to do this wellness program thing! I really hope I'm not overweight. That would ruin my mood, for 10 weeks. And today, my friends told me I shrunk, that I'm much shorter than before! So I'm extra worried! And my weight fluctuates everyday so I'm just terrified. Wish me luck!

I got my class tee today! $18 bucks which is very ex, but I'm cool with it. I like the cutting and the colour of the shirt and I like the font of the class, but I don't really like the Team Meridian thing in front? I don't know, it seemed okay when we were planning it but there are so many fonts on the shirt. And the name on the sleeve oh my god, what font is that. I bet after a few washes, it would peel off #sadface. Here are some pictures! The wings are awfully small. 

Wow I'm too tired bye

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