I'm An Adult!

Friday, February 06, 2015

Strange, isn't it? How I define myself as an adult only after I applied for a debit card? I guess that biologically, an adult is defined as one who is fully developed. But anyway, back to me applying for a debit card. It seems like all my best friends now have debit cards and I'm the only one who doesn't (Sidra just got hers yesterday) and I've been asking my dad for months but he refused to, because he didn't want me to spend the money I saved up as a child (I opened my bank account in 2002, yay to being an OCBC Mighty Saver!! /rolls eyes) So now that I've secured a job, he allowed me to get a debit card and I wanted to apply online but he insisted on applying in real life but I'm like "NO!!!!" because I want a specific card design that's only available when we do online application, so it took me awhile to convince him. And success!!

This was the card design that I wanted! I was deciding between putting my name as "Tiara Amalina" or "Tiara Rahim" and I went with the former. So yeah, they'll get back to me on the success of my application within three working days. I applied at midnight. Then it'd take two weeks to reach me since apparently they only produce the cards, print and emboss them only after the application is successful. So now that I will be receiving my card about two weeks before I receive my first pay cheque ever, I'm planning what to buy ♕

So here goessssss:
2) A leather jacket (F21 Faux Leather Moto Jacket in Burgundy in L) | (F21 Zippered Faux Leather Moto Jacket in Burgundy in  L) | (Hooded Moto Jacket in L)
3) A new mirror! (This in Copper) | (Or this)
4) A wallet (Charles & Keith Quilted Wallet in Blue)
5) New clothes
6) New makeup 
           (Transparent Mascara for momsie)
           (Eyebrow stencil for me)
           (Revlon Photoready Concealer in 005 & 004)
7) New shoes
8) New light for my DSLR (Neewer Macro Ring Flash) | (Chromo 216 LED Light)


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