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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Had a photoshoot on the 22nd for Jiayu, who is Eli's friend. Got paid to do it so that was cool. I had to wake up at 7am and we met at 10am at Botanic Gardens and it was incredibly hot and tiring and we finally ended the shoot at 12:45pm. Then I headed for a quick lunch at Bedok Mall with Farah and then rushed off to work my afternoon shift which was till 1am and finally reached home at 1:40am haha that was a hectic day. I spent my day off plus afternoons after my morning shift editing photos and going through tons of them that I took that day and managed to get 119 good ones so I'm satisfied with that, happy actually with how they turned out but I'm not sure if Jiayu (birthday girl who hired me for the shoot) and her friends liked it. I posted a few photos up on my facebook so you can click that and look at those. My favourite was this one though.

This was one shot on my Canon 650D with the 50mm f1.8 lens. Shoutout to my colleague Chris for telling me which lens I should use. For someone from MJC Photog, I'm quite clueless about camera shit ah haha embarrassment.

Have I mentioned yet that someone left my IC in my mailbox? The postwoman opened the mailboxes and it fell out so she wrote a note that she found it on the floor & returned it so I'm thankful to both of them for returning my IC, infinite thank you's :) Anyway, I hit $85k sales as of 24th April so I'm happy about that although I'd be happier if I got commission hahaha I've had good sales days so I'm hoping I can keep my spot in the top six for the headphones/speakers competition and get my extra $200 - I sold like 3 Bose QC25 and 2 Soundlink Mini today and a few other random earphones so I'm really really hoping I can get that extra money hahah #desperate 

I'm going to make another haul video soon - this time, it's MASSIVE. So keep a lookout for that, it'll probably be out second week of May - if I keep on track. In the meantime, check out my latest videos!

PS: Guess who I met at work!! Suhaimi Yusof!! I was like squealing - cos celebrity mah - to Murli (colleague) and he was so smoothly approached Suhaimi and told him I'm a big fan and I want a picture and Suhaimi jokingly said $50 per picture hahaha he was buying a travel adaptor I think, yeah. So that's cool. I've also met Fann Wong's husband Christopher Lee!! But that was last month. One last day of work left - Thursday the 30th.

sadded goodbye xoxo

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