An Offer From National University of Singapore

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I got my package from NUS today!! I had work in the morning and found out I was in the top six so far for the headphones/speakers competition so I just have to try to keep up and I'll get an extra $200!! Work was alright, I was completely exhausted afterwards. I dropped by the duty-free store and bought a foundation for daily use because I've decided that my favourite foundation - the Estee Lauder Double Wear (You'll see me talk about it in my upcoming video ((After my last India Vlog)) so go subscribe!! @tiaratalks) - is too thick and heavy for everyday use but I absolutely love it so I'll still use it as my holy grail concealer haha anyway then I bought macarons at TWG which is just right behind my store, then changed out of my work uniform, exchanged pass, dropped by i-sound to talk to Jay a little and then went back home. Update: I still don't have my IC, so I shall have to report it soon - latest 30th. Fuhh $100 for IC replacement just like that.

Anyway, back to NUS - I got home and saw two packages on the table. One was my black Converse shoes as well as my navy midi skirt which I look absolutely horrid in but the skirt is so pretty and soft and comfy!! Second was the NUS package of course. So deadlines I have to take note of:
  • Accept offer by 2nd June
  • Upload nice picture for uni card thing by 1 week after acceptance of offer
  • Book a session for the pre-admission medical checkup by 2nd June
  • Go for medical checkup/screenings/vaccinations from 22nd June to August
I'll edit this (or not) if I get any of the dates wrong - the documents are all downstairs lol. Anyway was my joint problem in 2014 and 2010 a joint disorder that I have to talk about in the medical form thing? Of course I have to include that surgery I had in 1999... But anyway there's a height and weight section in the medical checkup form and since the checkup is only in end June onwards, I have about a month to two months to lose weight so it's not embarrassing to be weighed... I want to lose weight in my face as well :( I really want to accept my NUS offer like as soon as possible but I want to lose weight in my face first before taking the picture and uploading it but I only have a one week gap between acceptance of offer and the due date for uploading the picture #fatpersondilemma so yes I'm ending work in a week and then I'm going to try to lose the weight I've hated so much for the past five/six years? If I'm still fat when I start university, don't mention it lah okay my weight fluctuates so much :( Gotta get new clothes still!! Y'all know I'm more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl but I would have a slightly different style if I could aka I'm not confident now bc of weight and like my face and skin idk oh well

I'm so sleepy and I have to wake up early for the photoshoot! I'm excited but scared as well cos if the photos are shit then lol screwed right

nap time bye

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