I'm Sick & Tired

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I have fallen sick. I rarely fall sick. Now my throat hurts, my nose is running like a tap & I have headaches. Thankfully, there's no school till next Monday. I'm stressing over my FON assignment - that's Fundamentals of Nursing for anyone who doesn't know and I'm doing hardcore research haha but it's alright I think I'm just going to close all those tabs and continue the assignment another day. It's going well!

Let's see what happened today. I reached school early and then sat at MD6 Level 4 (they have a sofa and a few soft chairs there hehe) until 9:50 before I headed to my tutorial downstairs. It was kinda boring and my topic with Vic this week is confirmatory tests for both types of stroke and the hospital protocols for this kind of stuff. We had lab after that and it was all about oral hygiene and feeding so that was boring. Wow I think everything is boring. After lab, we all went to the ALCNS building to collect our uniforms, scrubs and nametag. I look............ ok. (I'm slowly learning to not self-hate so deal with me, guys) Dina looks so good in her uniform and scrubs, I'm so jealous. I'll put in a picture of me in all the uniforms after this. I went for lunch with Vic and then we just hung out a bit before heading back to MD6 for comms tut. I actually completely adore Dr Shefaly: her confidence, her humility - just like her entire being hahaha, she's so kind. We ended early at like 5:30pm and she said she'll continue ending early for us as long as we finish what we're supposed to do!! I wanted to go home with Serene since she's my only Pasir Ris bud and she was skipping hokkien class but she needed to drop by UHC to do something so I just headed off first!! Met Yassar and Charmaine on the way down the stairs and I was walking with them and then suddenly Char went into the NUH building then in my head I was thinking like oh she needs to drop by a shop or something?? (I WAS SO BLUR HERE sorry I was like half-awake) then I asked Yassar where he's going and he said he was meeting a friend so I was like "Okay I'll walk with you" since it was heading towards Kent Ridge anyway then he asked "Where are you going?" so I replied "Home" then he's like "Then why don't you go with Charmaine? She's going to the MRT" so I was just like stunned there I don't even know what was going on with me then I was like "Oh bye" then ran off towards Charmaine and she basically thinks I'm a goondu now probably ah but anyway I'd rather walk outside than inside NUH after school so that explains my initial decision to walk with Yassar okay? Okay, I'm a goondu. I've never used that word. GOONDU. I stood on the train all the way till Kallang or something then sat and slept all the way back. I feel so unwell I just wanna curl up in bed and sleep or use my phone. I'll most likely do that after this. 
Excuse the very dirty mirror

Weight loss journey for me is ongoing I can do this!!! I hope there's progress this time. I've had so many failed attempts because I never really had the willpower? But now I'm like frickin determined to do this sia. I need to lose all these fats. My body fat percentage is so gross. So hopefully I'll see at least some  results by December 31st 2015!!! I need to be more wary of my food intake also because I tend to just eat what I want although I don't think I eat a lot. I don't even know. But hey, anyone who wants to ask me out - I love pastamania - just saying. I'm trying to be healthy and all but Pastamania is my soft spot. Okay shiok sendiri moment OVER - I have to keep reminding myself it's 80% nutrition and 20% exercise so I have to focus so much on food and make sure I eat healthy and don't go 1526 which is my BMR lah 1526 calories per day not bad what right... I'm glad to have Far do this with me, and my friends in uni with me as well. Like lol @ dad bc his "motivation" (which is basically constant insults and verbal abuse for 5/6 years?) didn't work... ever. Such good parenting :')

And everything else goes into this paragraph: I ordered my Littmann Classic III Stethoscope in Hunter Green!!!! I hope nobody gets the same colour as me but it's basically dark green so maybe it'd be common #sad Oh my god this reminds me, I'm like addicted to hashtags, even in real life. I annoy MYSELF. I'd just go like "Oh well, this is hashtag life" How frickin weird is that I NEED TO STOP. Anyway... I wanna be an OGL for Nursing FOC but like at the same time I'm lazy because I only end clinicals June 20 next year then OGLs would need to go for the camp and the pre-camp then it's like do I want the time for myself or do I want to do FOC. And Project Damai!! Okay I'm interested in the idea of it and what they're doing - health screenings/checkups/treatments, school education and community service like I want to do that - but it's the company that I worry about? I feel so out of place with them, it's like the moment I entered the room for the sharing session I just didn't feel like I belonged or something like that. (I hope none of them ever sees this lol) So that's a huge reason why I'm reluctant to go - I wish it was an interfac OCIP and not like a muslim thing wow I'm sounding like a real harami here sorry guys. Other than that I'm also super interested in the publicity/welfare section for PD, but I don't know. Dina and Nadhirah wants to go like 100%, Nadiah is 50/50 because she wants to join the FOC for the NUSMS camp, I'm considering Nursing FOC. SO I DON'T KNOW. Like I really don't even know what to think for Project Damai. Oh well. I think I'm just gonna go watch Awkward and then go to sleep, I'm exhausted.

Also if you're bored, ask me questions on ask.fm because I'd be gladdddd to answer I'M SO BORED bye ily thanks y'all for 11k views!! :)

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  1. I'm used to having to hem scrubs that don't have elastic ankle cuffs. Overall, the surgical scrubs and pants were comfortable around the waist, roomy in the legs, and other than length they were very comfortable.