China: A Lovely Experience

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I forgot to post this
It has almost been a week since I got back from China but I'm still feeling insanely tired for some reason. I thought I'd just post up some pictures. I know some of them are already on my Instagram but oh, who cares?

I went for a nine day trip to China with my family and four other families I think? They were nice. Two of the days were spent just travelling between cities or between the airport and hotel but the rest of the days were pretty packed!

This was at the Great Wall of China. This makes me wonder if there are any couples who locked their love and threw away the key... but ended up separating anyway. Sometimes I wonder if it's just a coincidence how a crush is called a crush because it crushes you to bits when the feelings aren't reciprocated, or how separating is called breaking up because it crushes you to pieces. I'm just being stupid.
This was at Fayuan Mosque!! It's quite strange actually because when you enter it, it's an outdoor space? It's really pretty.

These were at the Beijing Zoo. We paid like 120RMB just to see pandas who ignored us and a sleeping bird. Great.
This was at Temple of Heaven. I looked really happy here. I was.
I forgot where this was taken at, but I think it's at the Red Theatre where they have the Kungfu Shaolin Performance thing. My hair looks black.
Tang Paradise Park, I think? It's magnificent. It kinda smelled like pee.

I'm not sure if I tip-toed but I'm pretty close to 180cm right?? Ah who am I kidding.
We tried out the 50mm lens. It sucks because there's no IS and my hands are always trembling. The cold weather didn't help.
I look like a potato ball
Happiest when I'm with a cat, of course. Wearing so many layers does not look good on me.
This is some bell tower.
We found a giant Baymax at Beijing apm!!
Wangfujing Street!! 

Back at the airport

Goodbye China
I wanted to add more photography but........ lazy

Stuff to add: The toilets are crazy. Singapore toilets are fine, Japan toilets are awesome, and then you go to China and it's like...... bro BRO. They're pretty open about it. It's a bit crazy. China is huge. I think that's a weather I would thrive in. Actually, no, it's sort of too cold. But I'd like 15-25 degree weather, that'd be perfect. Hmmmm if I think of anything else, I'll add on I guess.

Ciao, lovelies

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