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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hi I'm finally back with a non-nursing related post but hey my past two posts got like over 100 views, which is a lot by my standards so thank you to everyone who bothers reading whatever I have to say despite me being so inarticulate!! Okay before I start, I just wanted to say I'm addicted to Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes. It's a new release and he has an acoustic video on YouTube and that was on replay until I read in the comments section that the studio/original version is on Spotify so of course I went to search it up and I'm mad addicted. I hope I don't get sick of it!! It's been on repeat since like 2pm.
This was when we went to a French restaurant, and I've decided that French food ain't my thing. Eh was it French or Turkish... They had falafel and hummus er wow this was a month ago and I completely forgot. I just remember it wasn't a good day lol that's why mom isn't in the picture.
A few days later, Farah and I went to Adventure Cove!! I bought tickets for us last year but then I sprained both wrists falling down while ice-skating a day before we planned to go and god, the pain was excruciating so we postponed it by a whole semester and finally went after the academic year ended. This was bloody fun ah even though I was wearing shorts so that meant being extra self-conscious lol. I hate queuing up for rides but we went on a weekday and it was only uni holidays so I guess there weren't as many people as there would be on other days. We were supposed to wake up at 8am so we could reach at opening time lol but we overslept and reached Adventure Cove only at 2pm. Typical us. It was a fantastic day!! So sad that Far is going overseas for exchange :'(
Nadh, Sara, Adlin, Nad, Dina, Insy and I went for a super short karaoke session because they were fully booked and then had dinner at Swensen's afterward. Look at me being a complete giant?? I have no idea why I was wearing heels that day. I wish I could sing better. I really enjoy singing, I just wish I were good at it!! 
Okay so this is when Sha and I went for SRT's Romeo & Juliet @ Fort Canning Park!! Ah yes it was a lovely night!! We had Nando's and then walked to Fort Canning and found a good spot! We had cookies and chips and water and a nice mat so all was well!! (Totally should've brought pillows) mY brain was so tired because of all the Shakespearean English but it was a wonderful performance and a fantastic night!! // Oh ya we also went out to watch The Witch like a week later but I was a total zombie the whole time because it was after work and the movie was a complete wtf to me although the cinematography was A++ hahaha and it was my first time at The Projector so that was cool too!! But overall that night was pretty amazing too (I'm always happy with him shh)

OMG I went to the trampoline park with Nat, Vict, Crys and Shao but I don't have any nice pictures so nevermind lah hor haha. It was bloody tiring, one hour was more than enough. Our birthday surprise for Nat was a total fail because the helium balloon I bought for her at Tampines and carried all the way to Jurong.... flew to the ceiling right when I reached the trampoline park. Such luck :') So we only had cookies to give her. After jumping around, Nat drove us to Shao's house and we ordered a lot of pizza and watched a movie and played with his cats. I had a bad reaction to the cats or maybe his house was just dusty af but my eyes itched and my skin itched and I kept sneezing and then I just left after 8pm haha it was a lovely day with them!!

And then clinicals started lol I have been so miserable the past four weeks. I'm so thankful for the two hours overlap in shifts because it means I can spend time with Adlin everyday. And also my shift mates - Prof Wee, Charm, Ama and ofc Christel!!! I wouldn't survive without them ah they know I siao siao since first day already. Two more weeks!! I hope I don't get an MRSA cubicle and I hope I'm not alone either!! I think spending an entire shift alone would be absolutely terrible, I am so not ready for that, please please please don't let me be alone. [There's five students per shift, three cubicles so we're always grouped two/two/one so I DON'T WANT TO BE ALONE PLEASE] [I'll hyperventilate and cry and die] 

Finally met up with Sidster after like months and we had Pizza Hut and then ice cream and can you imagine how tired I was?? This was after work too hahaha I should ban going out after work because I'm really a weakling okay, after work all I want to do is sleep. But omg Nabs is coming back end June and Feli is coming back around then so maybe we can finally have a full clique outing.
Missing Nadiah here because she had to go home with her brother but yay all of us went to see Insy performing and it was gr9 okay I cringed so many times but it was so good still hahaha and I hadn't seen Insy and Nad in two weeks and Nadh for four weeks so it was nice seeing all of them again :') 

Hahaha my luck was so bad yesterday but let's just not dwell on that haha I'm gonna laugh at my own misfortune and hope for the best for the future haha tbh I can't wait for school to start only because I feel like clinicals is taking over my life and I have zero time to meet my friends and I miss them tons!! But hopefully after clinicals we'll hang out more and then that would make me dread school starting... probably.

And last but not least!!!! I got to watch Me Before You with Sha, finally after the delayed release, and it was so so great I bawled like a baby thank god my makeup stayed on!! I was a little late (sorry) but we made it and he got good seats and the person sitting in front of me was short so he/she didn't block my view and do you know how obsessed I am with Emilia and Sam??? Seeing them together in a movie was so shiok ah I can't believe I actually cried but it was so good and so sad!! And after that we went to Funan to meet Adlin and Nadhirah for dinner at Pizza Hut!! I'm so lucky to have him because I'm really always sesat even with directions, I'm hopeless. We shared a stuffed crust pizza mmmmm so good but really ah regular is too small I think they should call the 9 inch pizza a personal pizza... From there we walked over to The Arts House and omg the whole area near there is so pretty I can't believe I've never been there before!! Pentas Budaya 2016 was gr9 and I'm so so proud of Insy!!

It was the loveliest day/night with Sha and all my friends :') Can't wait for more nights like these!!

[ok my mom is telling me to sleep thx for reading]
[sorry this entire post was rushed and quite short!! i know i usually like to be more detailed]

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  1. In fact, i enjoyed reading your amazing day with your friends and it was really amazing experience in reading. Wonderful post with so many great pictures.