Port Dickson: A Little Seaside Getaway

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 1
I haven't gone for a vacation in ages so I was really excited for this! So we left home at nine in the morning and then we reached Grand Lexis Port Dickson at about two forty in the afternoon. What sucked was that, at one of the stops my father took to cool his engine, someone actually pried off and stole the BMW logo off the front of my dad's car. He had to pay ninety bucks to replace it but he's cool with it. We reached the resort and we rode the hotel buggy right to our doorstep! We just relaxed our entire day away and went to the beach for a little while and had dinner at the restaurant.

(I'm having so much trouble trying to align two/three pictures per row, so I could only arrange it like this :( Anyway, the pictures are clickable if you want to view the high def version of it. There are also no pictures of my family - just in case they disapprove haha)

Day 2
We woke up at seven in the morning just to have breakfast!!!! Of course after that I slept till like noon then I went to swim. It was so heavenly and I just absolutely love being in water, I wish I had a bathtub here at home, that'd be so nice. It was an ugly day for me so I was feeling absolutely crappy. We left at five and headed to the archery range and that guy there helped me put on the arm guard and the finger tab and then he gave me the bow like geez it was so heavy. My entire left bicep hurts like a bitch right now. So I sucked terribly at archery, obviously. How does Oliver Queen do it HE MAKES IT LOOK SO EASY. But then again, look at his arms - so damn sexy. Conclusion: Archers have nice arms. We then went to the Segway obstacle course and it was so fun!! I was smiling throughout the entire route. We drove off to PD Waterfront where we had dinner at an Arab restaurant which had loads of lalats so I couldn't wait to go back to the villa. We went swimming again when we got back and mom ordered pizza and we had tea! It was a really good day in my opinion hmmm then we watched some Bollywood movie and I listened to Lana Del Rey till three in the morning and fell asleep.

(I know, I'm fat and disgusting, but well, I need to keep memories in the form of pictures!)

Day 3
Since I slept late, I woke up awfully late too. I sorted out all my stuff and then went to shower and get ready for breakfast. I didn't eat much. We went to the games room and I played some car game and a motorcycle game then we played foosball and basically I suck at everything hahaha. We went back to the villa and I have no idea what my family did, but after countless of tries of trying to get wifi, I gave up and fell asleep awhile before we headed to the lobby to check out! I was so sad :( No pictures today because I kept my camera and my phone only has pictures of my face so nah, you dont want to see that. We then headed back to Singapore! We stopped at Pago or something and we parked right in front of where we sat so we could keep watch on the car and make sure nobody stole the freaking logo again. Here comes the craziest part. I bought two drinks at this stop and I didn't need to pee and then we were back in the car and I had my earphones on and my music on and I was sleeping and half an hour later - I realised I really needed to pee - BADLY. So I was just screaming at my dad to go to the next stop so I can pee and my parents were like, "It's only awhile more," AS IF 22KM WAS "AWHILE" MORE - I was screaming my head off like mad because I could barely control it, I swear it was horrible hahahahahah and my dad was driving at 130km/h on the expressway and then he stopped right in front of the building and I hopped out and literally ran to the toilet oh my god. Ya it was so horrible when it was happening but now that I think back about it, I'm laughing my ass off like what the hell is wrong with me. So now, I have decided that whenever there's a toilet, I'm gonna freaking go even if I don't need to yet okay hahahaha. We reached Singapore shortly after and we all know Singapore has a 90km/h speed limit so it felt so damn slow compared to the speed my dad drove at in Malaysia hahaha. Oh well, we reached home then I fell asleep and now I'm awake and I'm gonna watch Primeval in awhile so adios! Have a splendid night xo

PS: I missed you like crazy even if it didn't make a difference whether I was in Singapore or Malaysia or wherever, I just felt so far away from you, and I know this crush I have on you is totally one-sided and it sucks but whatever. I wish you liked me back.

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