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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm really hungry right now. It's almost noon and I haven't had breakfast. We finished our OP Dry Run + Q&A! It was terrifying, but we did okay. He said I needed more pauses and more eye contact with the audience haha. I need to memorise my script, man. Anyway, when we were done, Xinying's group wasn't 100% ready, so we decided to watch The Purge! So I plugged in all the required cables and we watched it using the projector and our whiteboard wall haha. We turned off all lights and closed the curtains so it was really cool. We only watched it for 15 minutes though, then Xinying's group was ready to present. We might continue after this. But Xinying reminded me that there will be an inappropriate scene of Zoey & Henry on the bed haha it's PG13 though so it should be fine... I think. It'd be awkward if LKM or AL decide to stay though haha. I'm starving.

I found a playlist recently which was really good and I love it so much. Anyway, currently playing: Seaside by The Kooks. I love it but it's less than two minutes, it's frustrating. 

I just came back from Ikea! Thank God, I was only away for less than two hours. I finally tasted the mighty meatballs, and they were de-li-frickin-cious. I wonder why I never tried them earlier! I also got the cheese croquette - that was lovely. Of course, I ordered the kids meal for the meatballs and croquette, each for $2.90, the refillable drink was $1 (so cheap!!) and the ice cream downstairs was $0.50 (so worth it). I love Ikea now. I basically had breakfast + lunch for less than $8. I am overly delighted. 

Still doing PW and update: It's 2:54pm. Leyang said I'm the third wheel between him and Adi hahahaha and he said James looks like Liam Hemsworth. That made me laugh really hard hahaha but okay anyway, I've edited my script and I need to edit my slides a little, later. I hope I don't freak out on the day itself.

Oh anyway, the most embarrassing thing happened earlier. After our presentation, I left my laptop attached to the projector cables right and we were just sitting while waiting for LKM to finish thinking of questions to ask us for Q&A and my screensaver came on. For all of you who weren't there, my screensaver says: School sucks, let's run away. So LKM and laughed and said "I didn't see that" Yeah but he's used to it now but he says if we're using my laptop for the actual presentation, I need to remove my screensaver (haha obviously) Yay Yan gave me an oreo wafer, so nice. 

I think we're gonna present one last time before going home, or not, idk. I want to go home on time haha. I have to get home and attempt to complete my Chem tutorial - why the hell is there homework after promos - oh ya A Levels

Mood ruined hahaha bye bye txt y'all l8r

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