I Haven't Been Well

Friday, April 11, 2014

So I think I mentioned in my previous post that I sprained my jaw while yelling at my sister, and my jaw actually hurts up till now. It gives me headaches to eat, to talk, to just open my mouth. The scariest thing happened to me on Thursday. After PE, I almost had a blackout. I stood up and walked from the canteen to the atrium and the whole way there I felt so dizzy and my vision was turning all white and I had to pay so much attention on my walking just to make sure I didn't trip. It was so so so scary. Saif had an incident after PE on Thursday as well. He was walking across the road and had a really bad leg cramp and he couldn't walk at all so he dragged himself across the road and then just leaned against the traffic light and called Pavi haha. Anyway, because of PE, my shoulders and the back are all aching, and my thighs hurt like hell. 

I'm tired. 
So tired.

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