“The Truth Does Not Change According To Our Ability To Stomach It.”

Saturday, April 26, 2014

― Flannery O'Connor

We have an education system/teachers who care more about finishing the syllabus, who care more about us completing homework than about us fully understanding what is being taught. That's the major flaw in the education system here in Singapore. Just recently, I heard the econs lecturer say, "If I can't finish this lecture today, then too bad. You just have to read yourselves." What's the point of lectures then? And the ever famous Mr Tong, who once said, "Who cares? I'm getting paid anyway." Let's just applaud these teachers who're supposed to help us, but instead, get angry at us for being late or for any other petty reasons. We're teenagers. We're supposed to be living the life, but we're already working so hard, putting in so much time to study and do our homework and assignments and yet, when we're just a little late, you decide to lecture us for fifteen minutes or so? UGH.

I recently started watching Community. I'm at Season 3 now. Each episode is only 20 minutes so it's wonderful for those of you muggers who like to watch tv during your mini breaks. I, on the other hand, watched 10 episodes at one go. Awesome. I'm so tired. Today has been a good day so far. It started out bad, though. I was sweating like a pig at 6.30 in the morning because my sister was doing her makeup and she needs the fan to be turned off. I, however, need the fan to be turned on while I sleep or I will die. The aircon sucks (We're getting it replaced next week) So I was pissed and sweaty and 15 minutes later I had to wake up for SRP. I reached school early and went for Chem SRP. I was happy because I finished the entire worksheet!! That has never happened, I'm so good at Organic Chem!! (Kidding) (I'm better at it than at inorganic chem though huhu) Then I went for math SRP like 15 minutes early, and a math teacher came with a tray of Subway cookies and asked if I wanted one!! Lucky me! I love Subway cookies. She even told Isabel to let me go home early once I've clarified my doubts hahah but I ended up staying to do this stupid question which was so difficult (I'm really shit at math) I got released a half hour early so I walked under the hot hot sun to the bus stop but 89 left me so I was heartbroken and decided I was just gonna get on 81. Something totally unexpected happened!!! But whatever okay I got a seat like one stop before I alighted... Actually, there were many empty seats but when I boarded the bus, I stupidly chose to stand and then other Meridians came and stood in front of me, so I couldn't change my decision and I couldn't go to sit :( Anyway, I got home and finished the rest of Salaam Namaste (Holy shit, Saif looks totally hot in it) then got ready to go for a relative's wedding. And now I'm back home!! Download more Community episodes hehe. I was planning on doing my homework. But I'm just too tired to think. 

Let's talk about friends. What are friends? I've googled and this is what people have to say: A true friend will always believe in you even though you no longer believe in yourself. He will always bring out the best in you. A true friend will not need any explanation as he will always understand. And most of all, a true friend is someone who is willing to share his time with you. True or best friends never ever willfully hurts the other, a friend would rather die than hurt or blindside their friend. This is an unforgivable act! A true friend is someone who is there for you no matter what happens to you in your life. wants to go out and do whatever whenever. enjoys your company and you enjoy theirs. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say. So what are the kind of people you shouldn't have as friends? Those who point out your flaws as if you don't already see them, those who shame you for being who you are, belittle you for being as you are, anyone who doesn't truly accept you as you are, those who laugh at the things you do (and not in the kidding way) -- ditch them. They're not good for you, they're toxic -- avoid at all costs. It's just... what's the point of having "friends" who like you for who you are, "friends" who don't make you a better person? It's pointless.

Okay goodnight I want to die.

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