Blue Hair + Menow Kissproof Matte Lipstick First Impressions

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

So in my previous post I mentioned I dyed my hair blue. It turned out greener than I expected because of the yellow tones of my hair which the white toner didn't quite work on. I'm really happy with how it turned out considering I bleached/dyed my hair myself - with the help of my sister Farah for the highlights. 

I woke up at 8am and started getting ready for my outing with my friends. I decided to curl my hair as well because I thought the blue would stand out more? So yeah this was how it looked like! 

I wore my Cotton On striped dress with my new grey knit sweater and my black Converse shoes.  So we met up in the morning at Tampines, bought tickets at Golden Village for the movie "Unfriended". The new GV ticket scanner is quite... cool? I really hate how they stopped using the card-like tickets and opted for thin slips of square paper... I guess that's the more environmentally friendly option. I bought the hot dog as well and a drink and we went up! The cinema theater was quite empty - duh, it's a weekday morning - and the movie was quite funny! Yes, it's a horror movie but I found it quite funny, and gory as well. It was a good movie overall! Afterwards, Nabs, Sid and I met up with Eli at Changi Airport MRT and then we looked for 4 Fingers!!! I loved loved loved it. I looked at the menu a couple days before and didn't quite like anything so I was part-dreading going there. But no regrets! I ordered the Chicken Burger combo with no lettuce, tomatoes, onions - just the crispy chicken with garlic soy sauce and the burger buns, with kim chi fries. I really liked it! Then we headed to iSound to visit my colleague Xinyi yay I missed her! She said she liked my green hair hahaha then we went to the warehouse (of my old job) but the person I wanted to see was on MC. We went downstairs afterwards and guess who I met in the ladies' bathroom!! Two of my colleagues!! Linda H and Jennifer!! It was so nice to see them!! Headed off to iSound and talked to Jay a bit and then went off to T1 so Sid could meet her colleague AND ELI OMFG she thinks Cesar and Jay look alike hahaha like hell naw not at all! I laughed so hard and Cesar is so nice?? Like he's really funny. Jeng jeng jeng afterwards, we took a bus from the airport to Parkway Parade to get Llao Llao and we (Eli and Sid) came across a store that sold cheap earphones. I like urgently needed that because from Parkway there is only one straight bus home and that takes 1.5h and I left my earphones at home. While at the store, Eli or Sid pointed out the hair dyes - or I might have noticed them myself... since I'm the only one who knows how the packaging looks like right haha and since it was cheaper than the ones I got from Qoo10... I bought another two tubs - in Tulip & Violet. And I got $10 earphones which were shit ass quality like I swear I've never heard anything worse than that, as well as another woven fabric cable for my iPhone 5. Bumped into Lim Min at Etude House! Then we finally left and I got on my bus, stood for twenty minutes, got a seat (thanks Allah) and sat for over an hour until I reached my destination. 

I was completely exhausted when I reached home but I saw a small parcel on the table for me!! So I ripped it open and my Menow Kissproof Matte Lipstick has finally arrived!! I bought them in all the 19 shades available, and it costed a total of S$37, I think. First impression: That's super affordable for NINETEEN LIPSTICKS. I completely adored the packaging and the crayon-like tubes. I swatched all of them on my arm, and they applied so smoothly and they're so creamy. But it dries almost immediately! And is transfer-proof (I tried rubbing all of them and they didn't budge) so I bet they're really kissproof!!! Anyone who actually does any kissing in their life wanna vouch for this? So I'll do a video review on this soon after I test it on a day out with me eating and all that but I have high hopes for this product. I showered and used soap on it - didn't budge. But when I scraped it with my fingernails, it did come off a little - duh. But don't worry, when you finally do want to remove it, just use a cotton pad soaked with makeup remover and voila! It's gone! :) Subscribe to my youtube channel to see when the review for these lipsticks will be up! Link is on the top right of this page. 


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