Freaking Out About University Camps

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hi, it's Tiara! Is that my first time introducing myself in a post, yes, probably. Anyway, I did mention that I was thinking about the camps I should go to. It's a huge dilemma for me because firstly, I hate camps. I hate not sleeping in my own bed, I hate not showering in my own bathroom, I hate the possibility that my makeup will run off and I'll be ugly again. I'm also incredibly shy so it terrifies me to meet new people - but that's the purpose of the camps right? I already signed up for my course camp so I'm really excited (and scared) for that. The theme this year is movies. I hope they'll email/text/whatsapp me the details about this soon or I'll get insanely paranoid. I'll create some sort of a timetable to keep track of whatever events/camps I have to attend. I guess my main reasons for wanting to go to camp are (1) learn  the way around school, (2) make friends, get to know people. But you know... I think I'm not signing up for the Union Camp, the largest cross-faculty camp - after reading up other blog posts about it. Apparently there's something called the Secret Partner/Pal thing where you're blindfolded and you have to hold hands with someone of the opposite gender and talk to them for like two hours and there's date night and all that which would preeeeetty awkward for me. So yeah, unfortunately, even though I really want to go, I really don't want to go either. I'm not going to faculty camp either lol. So yeah  I'm only going for my course camp! Hope that wouldn't disappoint. I was thinking of what CCAs to join, if I were to join any at all. I'm hungry. NERVOUS ABOUT ALL OF THIS. UNIVERSITY. I AM OLD.

Alright, enough about university. 

I miss you, sometimes. Like... I think of what could've been. (Positive thinking here) Sometimes I think back to the times we used to talk and how you'd make me laugh. It was like a so close but so far kind of situation? If I had just been braver and made the first move... Okay maybe I'm delusional. You probably never felt the same way towards me, I think. I just kept keep wishing that maybe we could have been more. But you're like wayyyy up there now like wayyyy out of my league and I'm still me lol UGH SO DONE WITH THIS. IT'S BEEN LIKE A LITTLE OVER TWO YEARS SINCE I MET YOU IN SCHOOL. I NEED TO GET OVER YOU. 

I made a little collage thing to show my hair evolution. I posted this on Twitter a few days ago as well.  My hair is almost black, naturally. If it's damaged by the sun, then it gets a little lighter. But after A Levels, I got it dyed - a brown balayage ombre. The brown wasn't too light so it wasn't that obvious. In fact, the picture on the top left doesn't even show my balayage, just that it's darker at the roots and lighter towards the ends. Before my last day of work (April 30), I had a day off so I bleached my hair myself at home. Surprisingly, it didn't end up damaged at all.  So that's how it looked! I had that hair for a couple weeks and I dyed it turquoise + atlantic blue but it ended up green... with turquoise ends. I loved it. But when it was fading, it turned seaweed green which was gross so I dyed it a mixture of violet/tulip/red - and ended up with this colour! The end.

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