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Friday, June 26, 2015

Just a quick little update before I start my day for real. It's 2:25pm. I slept two hours last night, woke up for sahur and haven't slept since. I watched three episodes of Breaking Bad (Season 2) with Farah before she decided to go back to sleep. It was about 9am and I wanted to sleep too, but I tossed and turned until about 10am before I decided to go on my laptop. 

I'd like to talk about a few new things. Bloglovin - It's a platform(?) to follow your favourite blogs, discover new ones and save your favourite posts. Farah introduced me to it like this morning and I'm obsessed with it. There's an app version as well. It's like pinterest, but blog version. Plus, my pinterest (@itstiara) is more for storing pictures/inspirations/things I like, while Bloglovin is the same thing but I can actually promote my blog on there as well. So I think that's cool! I only ever read Sam's blog (link here) but now I read tons more! So, if you don't already have a Bloglovin account, it's time to get your ass on there! On the sidebar --> where there's my social media, there's the bloglovin follow button!!

There are also two new apps I just downloaded - Farah's recommendations again, called Storie & Periscope. My phone's not with me right now so I can't confirm my usernames but I think it's @Tiara for Storie and @TiaraTalks for Periscope. Storie is like vlogging, kind of like Snapchat Story, but you can film clips and re-arrange them and edit with filters and post them as individual stories. Periscope is like a real-time livestream, so that's cool and there's a live chat on the screen so yeah gonna try those out today! Dressing up because my relatives are coming over for breaking fast later.

LA Girl Matte Lip Pigment finally arrived, I'll swatch them soon. I haven't swatched my latest Sleek palette ugh I'm so slow lol

Gotta shower, get ready, clean up my room, design a branding logo for my YouTube :) In the meantime, check out my latest videos!

Lost Vlogs are just a compilation of all my vlogs from March to May, so check that out even though it's a 15 minute video lol & give me a thumbs up if you have a youtube or google account because that'd be awesome of you

Also, check out my educational video on tortoises vs turtles!!!! Facts I didn't even know until last month! I'm like some lost youtuber who doesn't know which category/theme of videos I'm doing LOL


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