Finals Are Over

Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm mildly pissed right now because I got kicked out of my shower. Basically my uncle comes over unannounced like all the time ever since he started working in Singapore and he usually leaves by 8:15pm and now's 8:07pm so I figured okay, I'm gonna take a hot shower because I'm bloody exhausted and finals has ended and I just want to relax a bit. Two minutes into my shower, my mom yells from outside the door saying my uncle needs to take wudhu to pray Isyak before he goes to work (he does night shifts) so I'm yelling back like "So you expect me to just leave now?" But being the nice person that I am (most of the time), I get out of the shower, put on my towel and go back to my room. Mom has the audacity to glare at me as if I had needed to ask for permission to take a shower in the freaking bathroom?? There's three toilets in the house goddammit!! But okay, explanation done, let's talk about the good stuff!!

NUR1114 & NUR1113 were alright. I had my last paper, NUR1117 today and on the way to school (with Nadiah/Insyi/Dina), I bumped into Serene and Ania and GOD if you know me, you'd know I find it so difficult to juggle when I'm with like friends who don't know each other. But it worked out fine. The paper though.... that was just absolutely horrendous but I'm glad that's over so I shall not dwell on that. There's still the clinical attachment in which we have to achieve 75% of the skills in our handbook so that terrifies me a bit. But I have my Easties with me so it's good I hope I can do the skillz. 

We were supposed to go iceskating as a class outing but some people couldn't make it, some people weren't interested so we switched it to lunch instead. Vic came later and most of the class left until it became just Shao, Vic, Serene and me. After changing our plan like three times, Shao left to go home and Yassar joined Vic and me and we watched The Good Dinosaur - which is an amazing movie (I cried like twice, but I've been extra emotional lately so never mind that) then we had dinner together and talked tons hahaha and yeah it was a pretty cool day and then they had to leave, Vic had plans with another friend and Yassar had to go somewhere for something (wow vague I know, I just don't want to reveal too many details that aren't mine to tell) so I headed home!!!

Anyway there was one part that was funny:
Vic: Tiara, you're mixed right?
Me: Huh no?? I'm pure Malay
Yassar: Guys guys if I were to be smooth right, I would say "Yeah you look mixed! A mix of sugar, spice and everything nice *smirks*
 Vic was so done with Yassar hahahaha she didn't even think it was smooth

I look like such a third wheel in this one..... Like you could literally crop me out and the picture will look completely fine.....
I'm so tired I can't wait to sleep. There's an exciting week ahead so I'm very happy!!!!

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