Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I suddenly remembered something and didn't want to forget so I figured I'd type this out. I had lunch off-campus last week and when I came back I called Nat and asked where they were. I went down to the science canteen and sat with them but I had no idea what was going on haha I left literally for two hours and came back and had no clue what they were talking about but Nat/Vic said that Yassar was saying "it's been awhile since I've had a non-'all boys' clique" and then Shao said "it's been awhile since i've had people to have lunch with" hahahaha ugh it was so much funnier at the time.

Anyway the Deeparaya photos are finally up yay

These are the people I hang out with
We are the Easties.
 An almost complete class photo
Me with my ultimate baes Vic and Nat
 I can't stand my face here ahhaha and this will forever remind me of Shafiq saying Serene's face looks like Jigsaw.
 Our class outfits wouldn't have been possible without Jess xo
Damn we have good hair

We had a meeting with the seniors yesterday. On the extreme left is Mr Sam. He's nice. So it's just us, the year twos and threes - we're all from TG4 (tutorial group) and omg so we had this game where we write a question down and put it in a hat or a bag whatever and we went round a circle picking a random slip of paper, introducing ourselves and then answering the question. Vic got "Is there anyone you're interested in in nursing" and truthfully her answer is no but she asked me if she should just say yes or if she should just be a mood spoiler and say no. She said "Maybe I should say yes and that it's a girl" so I went like "No, say yes and that she's very pretty." So when her turn came, she said exactly that!!! "Yes, and she's very pretty" and Mr Sam was thinking for a moment and then he was like "Huh." So after Vic was Char and then it was a complete circle already so Mr Sam was supposed to pick the most interesting answer so of course he chose Vic ahhaha then he's like "I don't think I'll ever forget that. But is it true? Is it really a she?" and Vic said she was joking haha oh well that was a fun night. And Mr Sam is actually really good with names! I introduced myself once and he actually remembered my name at the end of the night. 

Anyway. Thursday - final exam for my comms module - it's an interview I have to conduct with a standardised patient so good luck to me. Then Friday is the last day of the semester. Reading week, followed by 3 days of exams and then I'm done!!! Okay not really, since I have clinicals from 7th to 18th but WTV bye can't wait for China I think I'm leaving on the 22nd unless we're sticking with the original plan of 19th. Burden submission of documents. Burden school who says I can't leave the weekend of our final clinical week. Bye

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