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Friday, February 12, 2016

Hi, before I begin, based on my statistics, I know 58% of my blog views are from Singaporeans so I'd just like to do a bit of a shameless promotion! My overseas CIP, Project Damai are having a bake sale!!

I'm in charge of the Publicity subcomm so I design the posters!!! This is our latest poster, introducing our newest flavour: m&m rainbow cookies. I've invested so much on these cookies (like not just time to make the posters but I end up buying them as well because I love cookies that much) And they're really good! The cookies are all homemade by Dina, my good friend and also fellow Project Damai mate, and the second preorder has just started. It closes 16/2 and collection will be on 18/2 or 20/2! There are more flavours and more details available! Just go to the URL written above! And also here --> http://tinyurl.com/damaibake 

Our objective is to raise funds in order to carry out our project at Padang, Indonesia effectively! We aim to provide health screening and follow-ups based on last year's findings to the villagers! So please please do support our bake sale if you can! It's super affordable and you won't regret it, I swear.
So, I'm trying this new thing where instead of me putting all the pictures at the end of the post, I'd put it at the end of the paragraph instead?? And see how that goes. 

I feel like I barely remember last week. I was probably doing something during the lectures... or sleeping, because I don't remember anything at all. I think the Pathophysiology lecture was an e-lecture so we came for Pharmacology lecture, and then Anatomy & Physiology II and then Medical/Surgical. Next week is already week 6 oh god, I need to get my shit together. I went home with Dina/Nad/Insy I think? I always go home with them on Monday what am I talking about.

Tuesday was uneventful. Serene, Yassar and I were assigned to Holy Innocents' Primary School where we were supposed to observe the SHS do the health checkups for the primary school kids and I learned a lot but mostly we ended up talking and oh my god it was so noisy during recess. It was a pretty long day. We were really lazy so we ended up walking to some benches at a void deck and sat there talking for an hour and then we cabbed to HPB for our debrief + tour. I headed home and then did some work for Medical/Surgical tutorial and then went to sleep (I was so busy this week I think I didn't watch a single tv show episode until I got back from Batam...)

Wednesday... was okay. I had school as usual which was pretty boring and then Medical Surgical lab I think we did blood transfusions and then Serene and I left to go to SGH to meet out LPE patient and she's really nice and obviously very well-informed about her condition and everything she has to do to take care of herself at home. I can't wait for our house visit at the end of this month! I went back home, totally exhausted and I took a nap haha I really couldn't stay awake at all. I woke up a couple of hours later, got ready for my movie with Shafiq!! I initially planned on just walking to Downtown East but then I ended up leaving home a little later so I had to take the bus instead?? And guess what!! We were on the same bus!! Okay I have to calm it with the exclamation marks. Hmmmm okay so we watched The Boy and obviously I was a scaredy cat but the movie was okay?? I don't understand why he would live in the wall and how the doll moves by itself - which is bloody creepy by the way - and the real "boy"'s high-pitched voice was strange as hell because he's like a furry man who obviously has never shaven before. Then we had dinner at Pastamania (I don't think Shafiq likes Pastamania as much as I do) and dinner was really nice and then I think I guilt-tripped him (Sorry Sha) into walking me home because I didn't wanna walk home alone after a horror movie (so sweet right) hahaha yeahhhh overall a bloody fantastic night!!! It was just really nice getting to know him in real life. If I could use emojis here, I would use the happy blush emoji and the 100 emoji with the twinkle emoji yep it was that good. I hope we go out again soon (I hope he asks) (I also hope he doesn't read this because that would be mighty embarrassing) (But yolo, no ragrets) 

Thursday!!! Did I have school....... yes. I was half-awake the entire day (I'm actually only half-awake my entire life lah) Did I touch dead bodies oh yes this was the day Dr Z called me the penis specialist??? Just because I answered a few very commonsensical questions right rjhbouverhbef the whole class + group 6 laughed at me okay embarrassing whatever I'm so done. OH THURSDAY NIGHT WAS FUN TOO. I finally met up with my MJ Bitches - Feli bc she's in London :( Nabs is leaving, if you haven't already known that from my last entry. So we met up for dinner at La Marelle and dessert and it was just lovely spending time with them and catching up with everything and then we stayed almost till closing time at (working title). I finished school at 6 that day I think and then met up with Xinying at Med Lib I think it was her first time there hahaha she got lost thrice before coming up to the library and then we talked a bit and then headed off to Bugis ahhhh it was a great night. Eugene sent us home afterwards, he's so nice??? I ship E^2 they are totes adorbs. Please, I'm cringing at the way I speak.
frying pan face
Friday was uneventful as well. Had school as per normal. The boys embarrassed me in CHA a bit but that's fine. Finished school, rushed off to meet my mom. We went to the place she wanted to cut my hair at but they didn't have anyone who cuts hair?? Which is like wtf?? They only had chemical treatments that day (eg. perming, rebonding, dyeing etc.) so we walked over to White Sands and went to Arches and damn, the moment I noticed the only two hairdressers there were male, I was like MOM ABORT MISSION I can't with boys but she walked in anyway so I got my hair cut and the hairstyle I wanted was impossible unless I wanted it really short at the back and I was like no nOPE! So I got this instead!! He even asked if I'd miss my hair and why I was cutting it all off. Came home after and mom helped me dye my hair red again!! Then I packed for Batam like wow look at dat last minute packing -- I was just really busy okay.

--- BATAM ---

So I think I woke up really early and oh my god my bag was heavy. I stupidly decided to bring my Adidas duffle bag that I got at the company lunch last year and my shoulder was about to break please. We took the train to Harbourfront MRT and then the Batam Fast ferry (I was super paranoid about us dying after all those ferry crashes but we didn't die thank you Allah) and I listened to my music on the way there it was about an hour? Oh my god should this be like a review of my entire Batam trip...? Okay nevermind I'm too lazy for that. It took about an hour from Harbourfront to Sekupang. (Our hotel, Holiday Inn Resort, is actually much closer to Waterfront Ferry Terminal but the only timing that suited us was to Sekupang so YOLO.) Of course, Holiday Inn Resort had their... I don't know what to call it but there was a guy in the Holiday Inn uniform who approached us after I intentionally loudly said, "Where is the shuttle bus to Holiday Inn?" and he escorted us to the bus. It was more like a mini van, but not so mini and IT HAD BLOODY GOOD FREE WIFI. Hats off to you guys, Holiday Inn.

We reached the resort a good half hour later, and checked in. They had free popcorn and cotton candy and free drinks like yasssss all things free, I like it like that. The lobby wifi required you to either ask the hotel staff for a password or use your room details. Since my dad was still in the process of checking in, we had no room details and I was too much of a coward to ask for the wifi password so I just ate my popcorn silently. A man then brought us to the room and I had to haul my big ass duffel bag over my shoulder while the man rolled my dad's wheeled luggage for him. Thank you, truly... NOT. We got the two room suite and it overlooked the pool a little and a bunch of trees. The aircon was good, the sofa was soft as hell, the bed was hella nice. I wish I took pictures. I'm sure there's some footage in my gopro. HMU if you want me to post a Batam Vlog (there's really not much it'd be like two minutes long) We were pretty tired so we just lepaked until dinner time and headed to the dining place. They had a crazy ass seafood buffet which was so good and I ate so much I practically fell into a food coma.

Second day, we took a taxi (They have fixed rates, and the taxi drivers -- more like van drivers really -- are almost always around asking if you'd like a taxi so heck yes we took the taxi) and drove to Nagoya Hill mall. It's so hyped up, really. Everyone who goes to Batam will be like "Nagoya Hill is amazing!!" but really it's just... normal. We walked around a lot. The stuff there were priced like normal, maybe slightly cheaper? The food was cheap. Oh my god, the food. We had nice mochi, and crepes, and the takoyaki at Batam is so bloody good I'm tempted to get a takoyaki pan so I can make Batam-grade takoyaki and sell it for Project Damai hahahaha jk I'll keep it all to myself. [NTS: Research on good but affordable takoyaki pans] We dropped by Pasar Nagoya but there was really nothing there at all oh my god so we took a cab back to Nagoya Hill (we signed up for the free shuttle bus to take us back to our hotel) but we still had two hours before the bus came so we all went for foot reflexology. I know I'm all yolo and no regrets but FOOT REFLEXOLOGY WAS MY BIGGEST REGRET I AM STILL IN PAIN, STILL BRUISED. NEVER GO FOR REFLEXOLOGY EVER PLEASE LISTEN TO ME especially if you're a first timer DON'T DO IT. SRS. DON'T. Farah and I got A&W for lunch and then finally the bus came and we headed back. 

This was so fun. I think we headed back and we changed into swimsuits and I didn't bring my swimsuit so I had to borrow Farah's bikini top which was super tiny but OF COURSE I wore a t-shirt over and we went to the sauna first I think -- just Farah, mom and I. Nadia was doing homework in the room and dad went to exercise. I died. Saunas are just not my thing. It was bloody hot, I could barely breathe. I stayed for a half hour and I was SO DONE. And guess what? Wrong day to have had mascara on. Mine wasn't waterproof so I looked like I just cried and I had black streaks all over my under-eye area. We went swimming after that! It was so fun!! They had these floats and Farah and I were trying to get on one but it was impossible oh my god that was a complete workout. See that's a fun workout -- NOT RUNNING. ATTN: DAD. I sincerely apologise to everyone in the rooms around the pool area, we were laughing and screaming pretty loud. Mom totally avoided the 1.6m part of the pool because she would completely drown. And there was one point a kid lost his goggles so his sister asked my mom if we could help find it so I was like diving everywhere and the water in the pool was so murky -- is murky a good word to use? It's CLEAN very clean, it's just the visibility/clarity of water wasn't so... clear. I found it eventually, in the deep end. I swam to the bottom and grabbed it with my toes because honestly, how was I gonna reach the pool floor with my hands. She was screaming thank you and her dad muttered thank you I FELT LIKE A HERO (yes, for saving goggles leave me alone) We soon headed back to the hotel. I was worried as hell because I literally just dyed my hair Friday night and then I'm exposing it to Chlorine just two nights after but I think the colour is still okay! We had to pack that night because we were heading back. We ordered room service!! The kway teow and kampong nasi goreng was awesomeballs, try that out if you're on my site to read about the Holiday Inn Resort. I ordered fettucini ala carbonara but that was just average. Try out the creme brulee that was 100% YUMMY. I've got a sweet tooth okay..... maybe two.

The next day, Monday [CNY?!] was uneventful, we checked out, headed back to Sekupang terminal and took the ferry back to Singapore!! We took the MRT all the way back to Pasir Ris and then ended up eating at KFC for dinner hahaha yep I was completely exhausted so I slept all the way until this morning when I had school. Kidding of course, but I really just spent my days at home doing absolutely nothing.... OH MY GOD I FORGOT WEDNESDAY. This is a really long post I'm sorry.
Err... yes I ended up having more selfies than photos of Batam soz

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