"She'll Forget About You Soon Enough"

Monday, February 01, 2016

My bitchy little sister said that to me. Basically, I got news Friday night that my best friend of seven years (this is our eight year!) is leaving. She got her offer to do Medicine in Australia and she's leaving next week. And I've been wanting to talk about it and everyone knows the Internet is my best friend as well but I couldn't say anything because she hadn't told her boyfriend and he follows me on my social media. But now that he knows, I can freely say whatever I want. 

Firstly, I'm super proud of her because she worked so hard for it and I was so angry when she didn't get Medicine because it was supposed to be like our thing. She'd be the doctor and I'd be the nurse. But she got the offer on Friday afternoon - super last minute, I know - and I'm so insanely happy for her but I'm so devastated for me.

My family thinks I'm crazy because it's affecting me so much. What would you expect though? I was with her everyday from the first time I stepped foot into TKGS and eight years on we're still best friends. We've gone through all our highs and lows together, we had low lows in our friendship but like ever since we started JC together, it's been high highs. I'm just completely shattered. I mean I always knew there'd be a high likelihood that she would leave, I mean she gets what she wants no matter what. I guess I just wasn't prepared enough. But... I don't think I would be any more prepared  even if she were to leave next year instead of next week. How could anyone possibly be prepared for this?

So yeah my family thinks I'm overreacting or whatever but I can't help what I'm feeling?? I'm being such a drama queen but leave me alone TK Drama Club rejected me so I have the right to be as dramatic as I wanna be for the rest of my life. It just feels like a a part of me will be missing. I told this to Felicia when she left for London and I feel the same for Nabs: It's just different knowing that you're going to be over a thousand miles away.

We haven't met much since university started but then the thought of her going away is just crazy!! God like I can't even handle it.

bUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT OF THIS POST. The point of this entry is that my bitch of a sister Nadia came up to me and was like

Nad: Why are you so moody?
Me: I'm not, I'm just sad.
Nad: Why
Me: Because she's my friend and she's leaving.
Nad: You're funny.

And later on I was doing some work on my laptop at the desk and she creeped up behind me and was like "Why do you care? She'll forget about you soon enough." And I was just sad or pissed or I don't know so I just ignored her. Then I went to mom's room to just lie there because I wanted to be away from that little bitch but she came in to get something and was like "Are you mad at me" so I said "I don't know, do you expect me to be mad after you said that?" and she replied "That she'll forget about you? It's true."

So basically I'm pissed because my family sucks and my best friend is leaving me for six years.

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