I Want To Get To Know You.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

♫ Female Robbery - The Neighbourhood ♫

It's a new generation. A generation with more teenagers than ever before, interacting through technological means. I feel like we barely have the time and energy to go out with friends on a daily basis just like how they used to do back in the 70s. We're always chasing time, rushing our homework, rushing to finish studying (although we never really ever finish studying), rushing to get to school. And then we get dismissed from the last lesson of the day and we rush back home to have lunch or dinner or to have a shower or to have a nap. And the cycle repeats. We only have time to interact with our friends in school, through text, whatsapp or through social media. It's only about once a month that we go out to have lunch with the clique. We're always rushing, always trying to catch up - that we don't slow down to appreciate the present. I'm not saying life is so wonderful that you want to go through the pain of studying but I feel like we barely even stop to think and smile about what just happened. This is an over generalization or an over exaggeration but I just wish we had the time to relax.

“The world is moving so fast now that we start freaking long before our parents did because we don’t ever stop to breathe anymore.” 
—      The Last Kiss

I guess we don't have time to get to know people anymore. I'm not saying I'm  always studying because if you know me personally or simply follow me on twitter, you'd know that I'm always slacking and sleeping and watching tv shows on my laptop. But other people are busy because of school. Nabs for example, she has tuition three days a week, I think, and even on group chats she's barely active and sometimes she doesn't even come for clique outings - that explains her good grades though. But if we were all more free, then we could go out without feeling guilty about ditching homework or studies. We don't really even get to know people anymore. We meet someone and add them on Facebook and/or on Twitter and then that's it - we occasionally talk to them. I wish we could hang out or text because that's more personal, y'know. I'm afraid of that though, being personal. It's like letting someone into your life and I don't know if I want to do that. I just feel like people in general have to make an effort to get to know other people. Instead of texting your friends "What's today's homework/how to do question 9" (which I do all the time unfortunately), we should pause for a moment and ask them "How was your day? How was school today? How are you?/Who's that boy you were giggling about?" Ask more about someone when communicating (eg. do you like pizza and cats??) instead of just asking questions that benefits you (eg. how to do homework) because then you can get to know a person. I mean you can ask someone about homework, but don't turn them into your homework-lifeline you know?? Make them a friend!! Ugh that's what I'm saying, why is it so hard for me to phrase my thoughts into words. Basically, be friendly, ask questions about them, get to know them. They'll appreciate it even more if you remember the littlest details they mention. The End. 

PS: Oh my god, are you not tired from running through my mind all day and all night? *cheesy* I was talking to Far last night "What do you do when you like someone so much but they don't like you back" And I don't remember exactly what she said but it was "Move on" and then like fifteen minutes later, "Confess. You have nothing to lose. You might miss your chance to tell him how you feel. But girls shouldn't do that ah" so.... back to square one. I used to read Teenage magazine and there was a 'Dear Kelly' section where you send her letters about your problems and she'll answer it in the magazine and whenever girls/boys asked about what they should do, her main advice was to NEVER confess. But then you're not taking chances. I mean he might like me back right? No? Yeah probably not. Hope is the root of all disappointment okay!!! So I am lost. I'm never gonna confess because duh duh duh shy girl here. Plus confess also for what right, I can't predict what's gonna happen afterwards ;_; Maybe I might confess on impulse then run away and buy a ticket to New Zealand and rear sheep for the rest of my life. Or I should just do nothing hahaha okay whatever, I'll end this post here. Goodbye, have a good day, have a good week. 

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