My School Week + Movie Review

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh my god, can you believe I haven't blogged in four days? I've been so incredibly busy but since I'm having a late Wednesday (yay) tomorrow, I figured I could stay up a little and do a blog post! I got back my GP Essay that I did recently and I got a 28/50 which means I don't have to redo it! She hinted that we could still redo it as practice anyway but ain't nobody got time fo' dat. And as usual, Mr Bitchfit asked me for the [H+] formula during tutorial for two consecutive days, "See, at least you'll be remembered by the class for something" So you're saying I'm insignificant lah bitch? He totally gets on my nerves. Gross, why am I even talking about him on my blog, he's gonna contaminate my blog okay ew I hate you Mr Bitchfit. I had my econs test today and Mr Toh gave us either the option to (1) Discuss outside the class or (2) Start the paper earlier, and guess what? Only Nabs and I decided to go out and discuss haha we must be dumbest people in class. I fell asleep during the PE Lecture and then I went home and did my three essays so it was pretty damn productive and I'm pr // Dad interrupted me last night and asked me to turn my laptop off, and I got a little mad but I didn't bother arguing. I went to sleep early, woke up at 8+ so that was awesome. 

Today was really boring ah so there's nothing much to talk about. I had no clue where Ms Tan was, but I think she forgot there was consultation and she called me back earlier and told me she left her phone charging lol but by then I was already home so yay no consultation haha. I just realised I haven't eaten since breakfast. I had scrambled eggs for breakfast. I'm hungry but I'll just wait for mom to come back with food or something. Anyway, I watched a Thai horror movie with my mom last night and since I'm bored, I decided to do a review! Here goes:

Cast: Supakson Chaimongkol, Krissada Sukosol 
Director: Pham Rangsee 
Language: Thai with English subtitles 
Runtime: 88 mins 
Rating: NC16 - Violence and Disturbing Scenes

Summary: Based on a true story, Pawnshop stars acclaimed actor Krissada Sukosol who decides to pawn his soul to the ghosts in exchange for money to pay his debts. Like the other customers of the mysterious Pawnshop, he does not quite know what to expect…

My rating: 5.5/10
I have never rated a horror movie this low before, I think. I expected it to be a little scarier than it was, but the scary factor wasn't satisfactory. I actually ended up laughing really hard at some parts, and as you all know, laughing is contagious and my mom started laughing too. I'm pretty sure the couples next to us were rather annoyed. I really liked the background music because it totally complemented the scenes, and the storyline and character and plot development was quite alright too. They gave loads of background information/flashbacks which were essential for you to fully understand the movie so I'm really glad they didn't just leave that out, because just speaking about the past wouldn't help the audience picture the sequence of events so I'm totally grateful for the flashbacks. Unnecessary information was given on some less important characters but I guess if you're a curious person like me, you'd want to know more about all the characters too, so you'd appreciate the little flashbacks. It was quite unclear who the main character was until you're about half an hour into the movie, but he's quite attractive so that makes up for the confusion. If you're looking for 100% horror, you'd be more satisfied if you were to watch The Conjuring instead because I swear this movie lacked the horror content. To further justify why I gave this movie a 5.5/10... it was really boring. There were a lot of boring talking scenes which helped the plot/character development but there wasn't enough interesting scenes. Thai horror movies are usually 80% horror and 20% comedy (or is it just me who laughs at the characters...) but this movie was kind of 40% comedy, 20% horror and 40% boring. So... give it a miss. Or if you want to watch it anyway for the gorgeous two main actor/actress, you should. There was this really cute scene towards the end. 

This marks the end of a really shitty review for a really shitty movie. Adios.

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