Freshmen Orientation Camp: Day 0

Friday, July 10, 2015

I promised myself I would blog my journey into NUS, because I very much regretted creating this blog only several months after I entered junior college, having no record of my orientation days except my memories. 
Clarification: I'm tagging these orientation camp posts with #foc but it'll be under the tags #nus and #uni as well. The tag #uni will be used for everything related to university, obviously. The tag #school was everything that had to do with junior college. I don't know if I used that tag often. Let's begin!
I was in a dilemma choosing between a few camps that I was interested in or giving in to what my head wanted - to not go at all. I signed up for only one camp, which is the Nursing FOC 2015! I signed up with encouragement from my sister, Farah. A few weeks later, I got a random text asking about my food preferences and then awhile later, a whatsapp chat was made. The theme for this year's FOC is Movies, and I'm in Group 5, Maleficient. There are six groups in total, with the others' movie choices being Kingsman, Baymax, Minions, Frozen and Legally Blonde. We got an email soon after about Day 0, which came with a few forms and the packing list. I made my own packing list just to be sure hehe. Anyway, I was super nervous about Day 0. 

Odelia and I met up and headed to Kent Ridge together and we reached there on time, at about 7:30am. Meeting point was at LT28. I was super super nervous but we had to introduce ourselves and we had some icebreaker games. I'd say we were quick to warm up to each other! There was only one guy in the OG, excluding our OGL. One of my OGLs is none other than... Eli's cousin, Amanda! Anyway, we had some briefings, then a collection of indemnity forms and collection of camp fees ($60) and we got a Zalora 15% voucher (heck yes!), sunblock sample, moisturiser sample. Then we gathered to continue our icebreaker games and then finally headed out to make our group flag! 

That's my hand there on the left, facing downwards mid-flag. Anyway, I almost forgot! We did some cheers. One of them was in Chinese GOD I HAVE TO LEARN THAT. After allllllll that, we went back into the LT. We had some talks by the Nursing Subclub, and got introduced to the lecturers and professors and then adios!! We were released like 3 hours earlier than I thought haha. So glad to have Kelly and Odelia with me throughout all this. 

Anyway, a lot of people were so confused about the medical checkup, screening, vaccinations and how it involved Parkway Shenton and I was just like hehe to myself because I knew me and Odelia settled everything and are right on track, waiting for next month to get our post-vaccination blood test. I helped out Wenxin (like explained to her about this medical checkup) and then waved goodbye and headed home with Kell and Ode! Good day, I'd say! I didn't have a mental breakdown at least...

I'm now 55% excited, 45% nervous for camp which starts next Monday. I'll blog about all of it... sooner or later. Right after camp is Raya!!! So yeah it might take awhile for me to get Day 1 to 4 of FOC up. Camp will be from 13th to 16th July, which is Monday to Thursday :) 

Sidenote: Check out my two most recent videos!!

Look how pretty my hair is in the June Favs pic! It looks so dull in real life lol the power of editing x
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