Freshmen Orientation Camp: Day 1-4

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I literally have not blogged for a week but I have legit reasons for that! Now I'm back with my *drumroll* completed camp post! You could tell by the title of this entry so yeah, that was anti-climatic. I might be going out later tonight to go house visiting, so obviously I'll try to finish up this post by then. I just realised my phone is upstairs and it has the note with all the information on what happened on all days. But oh well, let's see if I can remember anything. (PS: If anyone wants their name removed from my blog for whatever reason please text me personally or leave a comment or something!!) (PPS: If it wasn't obvious enough from the previous post on my blog about Day 0 of this camp, this is the NUS NURSING FOC ok!! Not Union Camp or any of the other camps)
----- DAY 1 -----
The Maze Runner
I had a hugeass bag and a shoebag with my waterbottle & sleeping bag inside and I had to carry that onto the MRT. There were very few seats left despite me being first in line at the MRT station, and us being the first MRT station on the line. Damn you MRT rebounders!! So I got a seat and sat all the way to Buona Vista and damn, the station was crowded as hell. I didn't get a seat from here to Kent Ridge but that's alright. I shot Ode a text and she happened to have arrived a few minutes before I did so she waited for me!! We took the bus to LT28 and then she went to her OG(3) and I went to mine (I'm OG5). Weixiong asked me if I was Caucasian or mixed lol like on day 0 he asked me if I was Chinese or Malay then now this? (But after so many days together I think it's pretty clear I'm pure Malay) So first we played some icebreakers which I thought was unnecessary since we had pretty much broken any ice. But another person came!! Hannah!! She didn't make it for Day 0 so yeah this was the first time we met her. We had to go back soon after for a super boring (but informative) NUHS Sponsorship Talk.
Chit, Marjorie, Kidman & Weixiong -- Spot me in the back lol
Dina left before this happened for a medical checkup and we were supposed to have lunch so instead I sat with some of the other Muslims at camp. We had station games afterwards and I don't even remember what those were but I vaguely recall a station where we had to find some stuff that the station masters hid? That's hahaha shit I suck it's been exactly a week and I forgot the exact details already. I think there might have been a station where we had to finish a huge tub of ice cream in 10 minutes (blindfolded!!) That all took less than three hours and we just lepaked a bit, had dinner with the OG and played first impressions!! That was my first time playing that.
Some pictures from the station games!!
Meet Dina!!!!
Meet Amanda (Eli's cousin!!!) and Keely!!
Then we finally packed up and hauled our bags and took the bus to Eusoff Hall. We were playing the traffic light game?? It's not exactly a game but we kinda guessed each others' status before stating what we are. Were people shocked that I'm evergreen? There's a couple of evergreen people including me, a few dull greens, two reds (one OGM one OGL), and most are just normal green!! I'm too lazy to explain here but if any of you don't know what on earth I'm talking about, shoot me a comment down below or ask me a question on askfm!! When we reached Eusoff Hall, we could finally break fast and the food was kinda late but that's okay!! Talked to Darryl and Vincent a little while eating and they're really nice and funny! We headed to the Eusoff MTPH (idk if this is the right acronym) and there were some short clips of TMR. (The Maze Runner was our theme for the day) And like some of our group members were "kidnapped" so we played some station games for a few hours and did a mass dance to the song Bang Bang. It was overall quite fun ah because of the company. Have I mentioned yet that one of my OGLs is Eli's cousin?? Super cool right and she's awesomeballs. Anyway, we were done for the day and showered and messily unpacked. Oh right I forgot to say that there were 11 single rooms for the OG but we had 14 OGMs so 9 were single and 2 rooms would be shared by two people in each room, so I volunteered to share one of the rooms with Dina and that was the start of an awesome friendship (Am I being too cheesy now ew) We were just lepaking in the room when Jingxuan invited us to go supper @ Niqqa's! There were like seven of us in total. The prata was so good and we got into trouble and I was super upset about that, but it's ok now! We slept at like 2am that day.
----- DAY 2 -----
Harry Potter
LOL this is Dina & I's room... I do not occupy 3/4 of the bed, it's just my sleeping bag ok (Eusoff Hall Single Room!!)
We were rudely awakened at like 7am by the OGLs. They were banging on the door and I'm like "Dina goooo" and it was some sort of game we had to play and it was quite stupid ah we had to draw strips of paper from a container and then do whatever was written on it. Charmaine had to put moisturiser on my hands but she didn't read properly so she put on my face instead hahaha and I had to scrub Dina's foot with a random sponge. After breakfast we had DISGUSTING dirty games. Twister with food (oyster sauce, tomato sauce, mayonaise and baked beans), a Haitai game which apparently means seaweed and I got to dunk beaten eggs into Danial's shirt lol sorry!! There was another game involving balloons with soy sauce or water, other gross games and we finally had mass games which involved watermelons and soap and err other stuff. We finally got to shower after that. (I feel like the pictures and events don't match... I may have put some games from other days into the wrong days but it's generally correct ok!!)  We headed to Botanic Gardens afterwards and had station games again but I'm too lazy to talk about that because I was just in so much pain because of aching muscles so I'll just let the pictures explain!!
Dina + Keely

I sent this pic to Eli
Amanda sent this to Eli 

After that picture, we headed back to campus for dinner and then we were briefed about our Running Man game. Since today's theme was Harry Potter, this running man thing was based on us running away from Dementors or something.  So the first round, OG 4,5,6 were the chasers and the others were the runners. It was pretty confusing ah but basically the runners found my name and I was eliminated within the first five minutes lol so I just went back to the LT and sat down (which I enjoy A LOT more than chasing people) It lasted a half hour and then the game ended and I was still like sitting down there in front of the LT with all the eliminated chasers lol. I thought round two of the game would be just a switch between the chasers and runners but NO THEY UPPED THE GAME. Everyone was randomly sorted into two groups, Team Blue and Team Yellow. The game started and we were supposed to just run so a bunch of us from my OG ran to the same place and five minutes after the game started we received individual texts from our OGLs. Weixiong texted me that I'm in Team Yellow ah and like Dina and Jingxuan and a bunch of them were Team Blue so it ended up being me, Marjorie, Christel and Gina on Team Yellow and like I have no idea where other people were but yeah the four of us were like hardcore running (JUST KIDDING) Marjorie and I hate the feeling of being chased. So we had like our own secret tactics and managed to survive until the game ended!! We were so paranoid about whether the game really ended or if the OGLs were flushing everyone out and then it would be like a complete warzone in front of the LT lol BUT OK IT ACTUALLY REALLY ENDED OK so we cool I think that was it for the day... We went back to Eusoff Hall and Dina & I went to shower and then do laundry cos the clothes STUNK from the dirty games earlier. Then ciao we went to sleep.

----- DAY 3-----
I don't even know what theme today was. But it was Sentosa day!!!! I was sad cos Dina and like most of the OG would be gone for QET so... it ended up being only me, Wen Xin, Jing Xuan & Hannah who went to Sentosa first hahahah four of us + four of the OGLs aka Weixiong, Keely, Jia Rui and Amanda!!!! We were the first OG to reach so we took pictures before starting the games. We had to play two-three games with only the four of us + the OGLs!!
Take note of Jade creeping in the background
We played a lot and the rest finally came at after 11am. The last game we played was in the sea. It was like OGLs vs the best 5 from my OG and another. Weixiong and the rest thought I'm very violent so I would be good for this game hahaha basically we tied one balloon to each of our arms/wrists, and we have to wrap our legs around the person in front of us (like a caterpillar chain) and then burst the other team's balloons!! Moses aka the OGL Head is aggresive as hell but anyway I don't even know who won in the end hahahah I'm sorry for grabbing y'alls wrists. Kidman aka the only guy in my OG volunteered for like most games so props to him ah I think he sustained a lot of injuries through all the days so thank you for everything Kidman!!!! He's so nice :") We had lunch and all that and we had a mass game but I was like bored and tired by then so I just took a water guns and just shot at everyone and everything.
As I was saying, I wasn't really in the mood so I was glad when it was over and we got to shower and then head to Vivo to buy a present for our mortals & we had a half hour I think so me and Dina bought a few stuff and rushed to get Pezzo pizzas and rushed to Giant to buy cold drinks! We made it back to the meeting point on time and headed back to campus. We ate dinner as an OG and I was like sunburnt I think a little. We all gathered at LT35 in the Medicine building and oh my god the LT is so much prettier than the LT in the Science building. Why oh why do Nursing students have to have lectures at the Science building. A whole chunk of us were blindfolded and at first they paired us up according to our assigned angel and mortal but I think that took too much time so they ended up just pairing us off randomly! So my angel and I played games like picking up gummy bears in a pail of water with just the toes or the "limbo" under a string game, eating marshmallows - all while I was blindfolded. I have like big issues with me doing things without having my sight but my angel was soooo nice and she made me feel super comfy after awhile. So I found out her name is Crystal and she was from OG3 so shoutout to her for not letting me fall and like taking care of me throughout the night haha. We went back to Eusoff Hall afterwards and showered, and finally packed because it was our last night and we had supper with the OG!! The OGLs treated us to prata from Niqqa's and I shamelessly ordered one cheese prata and one milk prata omg ok I feel so bad now I should've just ordered one. We had to wait awhile because not everyone was there at the Block B pantry yet but we ended up just eating anyway. We played Never Have I Ever and then the reverse which was I Have Ever hahaha and then afterward we were asked "Why You Joined Nursing" and I went first and then we went in one round and then tears were shed so to lighten up the mood we just joked around lah and we had to rate the camp from 1 to 10 with ten being the best and it ranged from 5 to 9 and of course 9 was me because I actually really enjoyed camp. It was 2:30am when we finally went back to our rooms. Dina and I washed up and put on a facial mask and I couldn't sleep till 4am while Dina was like fast asleep... The alarm rang at 4:45am and I was like scrambling around the room looking for my phone which ended up on the floor. Sigh SO TIRED.
The OGLs dressed up as ghosts which scared some people. I was blindfolded so I wasn't scared lah but apparently when we came up to Weixiong I recognised his voice and I said "Is that Weixiong??!!!" like super excitedly and then he shouted at me (part of the crazy ghost act lah) then my facial expression changed immediately hahahaah he told me that at supper

----- DAY 4-----
So after we woke up we headed to Block A pantry which was where the Muslims at camp had sahur and of course, as usual, Dina and I reached first so we started eating. I was just like ughhh cos we already ate prata for supper and it's plain prata for sahur. Syafiqin and Danial came afterwards and they were nice!! Danial especially, considering how I dunked a cup of beaten eggs into his shirt just 2 days ago lol. The OGLs left after 10 minutes cos they were too tired so we just talked and ate then other people came. The boys left but the girls sat and talked a bit more till ...6? Then we went up and Dina fell asleep on the bed like a starfish hahahaha so I just like put on my foundation and changed into my Nursing FOC shirt and everything then sat on the table and napped haha. 
Anyway Keely had to leave after breakfast so that's quite sad!! We played Airplane Chess at the Eusoff Hall aircon hall (idk what it's called ok) till like 11:15am it was quite fun ah but I'm too lazy to explain so here are just some pictures!!
All the OGMs
All the seniors + OGLs
After that, we had to walk and take multiple buses to go to LT29 and have lunch. I didn't eat so I tried connecting to the school wifi and I finally could!! I'm damn blur I swear. Anyway, Amanda was like telling me stories about her clinical attachments all the way from EH to LT29 and it's quite interesting and also quite sad?? Sigh. We played Burning Bridges in the LT and like Wenxin asked Weixiong two questions (one question for each round lah) and he pointed at me both times and of course lah I'm damn unlucky so I lost BOTH TIMES) AND NOW IT'S LIKE EATING ME UP INSIDE BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE QUESTIONS WERE. Both of them refuse to tell me so let's just hope my forgetfulness takes over and I'll forget my NEED to know the questions... Hopefully it's nothing bad lah hor (shit why am I so singlish suddenly with all these lah and hor) STILL ENDLESSLY HOPING THEY WOULD TELL ME SOMEDAY but can't keep my hopes up ah let's move on. We exchanged gifts with our mortals and like I gave a sucky present I think but the items I gave were meaningful to me but maybe not to my mortal Rachel but I hope she finds some use for them anyway!! They showed like a video of all the four days and it was just like so heartwarming because it had been such a good time for me. We won "Most Passionate OG" but didn't win "Most Lepak OG" which is weird cos we lost the entire competition hahaha And the OGLs bought us mini notebooks and wrote nice stuff and had to pass it around to everyone so we all wrote nice stuff about each other and my brain wasn't working or whatever so I wrote kinda crappy generic notes even though I felt so much more. We were dismissed after everything!! 

So to end off this post, I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who planned and organised this entire camp because it was like awesomeballs planning and all the seniors/OGLs were super nice. Shoutout to Amanda, Keely, Jiarui and Weixiong for being the best OGLs ever and always being extra caring towards us and being super fun and easy to talk to like you guys are beyond wonderful to spend time with!!!! And of course not forgetting all my OGMs, it was surprising how easily I could open up to you guys and be comfortable and be myself. I was super scared and anxious about how I would fit in and just terrified about the camp in general because people who know me would know I hate camps like I would rather get mauled by a bear or a shark or whatever, but thanks to my sister Farah who said I HAD to go, I signed up for this and I don't regret that decision. The camp was super tiring and it left me sunburnt and exhausted but I think it was all worth it because of all the friendships forged. It sounds super cheesy, I know but I'm incredibly thankful to have met my fellow OG5 mates and OGLs because they're such nice people and just know that it saddens me tremendously that I wouldn't be in the same tutorial class as you guys because nobody from my OG has names that start with T (Tutorial class for Nursing is sorted by alphabetical order FYI) But yeah, I'm just so glad I attended this camp because I truly enjoyed the days and the company and I just hope we'll all stay friends and stay in touch (since nursing is only like 150 people right lol) Biggest shoutout to Dina for dealing with my mess in the room (but you're also quite messy right hahahah) and for being a great friend! I'm so glad I met you and decided to just volunteer us to share a room on that first day because it made us super close I hope you didn't mind hahaha but thank you for everything !!!!! Shoutout to Marjorie for being amazeballs, Jingxuan for being super fun, Victoria for being like the best kind of crazy-ass possible - omg just shoutout to all of OG5 (including OGLs) for being the best people I've met in NUS so far!!

Is it too early to say I love you......... 


PS: I uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel so check that out ok!! 

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