Freezing To The Bone

Monday, September 09, 2013

The weather's been amazing recently, although I admit I'm freezing and I'm always wrapped up in my blanket and I'm always cuddling with my dog and teddy bear. It's currently the September study break and so far I've paid my sleep debt. I had an extra Chemistry lesson today and he went through Hybridisation (da shit) and he gave back our most recent test! I got a U again, as usual, but I did better than I expected! (I have very low expectations of myself, but I have reasons for this okay). PW meeting lasted only two hours plus, but it was pretty productive because we finally came up with a super fun publicity plan! We're meeting again on Thursday and I hope we can fully complete our draft 2 and have a basic outline of our oral presentation slides and script because that's going nowhere. I'm so proud of us for finally doing the publicity plan, in all honesty, because we've struggled to find an original /creative publicity plan for weeks. Today's been really fun but I'm really tired now haha. I can't wait for tomorrow! I'm meeting my babe Xinying at I12 Katong at like 10 in the morning and then we're watching The Purge at 12.05pm and then it's studying time till a little later! I've been wanting to watch The Purge for quite awhile so I'm super excited!
Decided to focus on the raindrops instead! iPhone camera ftw 
Sunday's lunch! Mom can you not
Today's lunch!
Old Town White Coffee's Western Platter - $8.80 /// This was really really really good.
Babe's not in the same group as me for PW but my group shared her discussion room today sorry thank you :')

Anyway, let's talk about one of my favourite bands, TwentyForSeven. I found out about them through a lovely online friend Ashreen who posted the link to this (and this), and I fell in love immediately and have been subscribed to them ever since (October 2012?). Recently, one of their band members Matt, left the band due to personal reasons and I am devastated because he's amazing and super talented and he makes funny faces during videos all the time so he's been so special throughout my time being a TFS fan. But life goes on, and I hope he'll eventually come back to the band! I love them so much, they're so wonderful. I've been going on Youtube very frequently to listen to them, and recently I've been doing that everyday, for hours, so guess what? I'm gonna put in a little extra time to download all their songs in mp3 so I can listen to it :) I still need to find my iPod! >:(

love always 

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