Monday, June 03, 2013

I hate many things, many people. I guess there's just so much anger in me, so it takes very little for me to start hating something or someone.

(Verb) Feel intense or passionate dislike for someone
(Noun) Intense or passionate dislike

I hate it when people wake me up before I want to. I hate it when people accuse me of things I didn't do. I hate it when teachers give too many assignments. I hate it when the weather is too warm, too humid. I hate it when there are extra lessons. I hate it when I fall sick. I hate it when you don't notice me in corridors. I hate it even more when you don't say hi. I hate it when I don't have time to do my work. I hate it when I don't get enough sleep. I hate it when people are annoying. I hate it when people don't know when to shut up. I hate it when people look down on me. I hate it when I'm having a bad hair day. I hate it when I can't find the perfect clothes to wear. I hate it that my eyesight is really bad. I hate that I'm not pretty. I hate that I'm really fat. I hate a lot of things in life, but mostly I hate myself.

So now you know. As if it wasn't obvious from the very beginning. I despise my entire existence. I wish so badly that I could be perfect, or even close to it. It's rather impossible though. I wish I had a sharp nose. I wish I had a nice smile. I wish I had perfect eyesight. I wish I had lovely hair. I wish I were a little taller. I wish I were a lot skinnier and more toned. I wish I were fit. I wish I were braver. I wish I were smarter. I wish I were rich. I wish so many things, that'll never come true at all.

I'm gonna go do my Chemistry filing and sleep because I can't be bothered with life anymore.

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