Regrets Going To Junior College?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I think I make bad decisions all the time. On Monday, I saw my bus coming but I thought, well hey, another bus could come soon, so I gave it a miss and reached the bus stop a minute after the bus left. After waiting for five minutes, I was getting a little worried because my bus always come within 6:50 to 6:54 but it was already 6:56 so I decided to check iris and my bus was only gonna come at 7:07 so yeah bad decisions!! Lesson learnt: Always run for the bus. Next, one of the worst decisions ever was me coming to a junior college. I knew very well that I can't cope with the rigour of studies, yet I decided to just go for it. Of course, there are some aspects of junior college that I have enjoyed and that I'm thankful for - the school experience, the huge number of attractive boys in school, all the different school-based shirts I have and last but not least, the amazing friends I've made. Whenever I start a school year with new people, I tell myself that I won't be making any friends and that I'll be a total loner but guess what? I have the nicest people as friends right now and I'm so grateful that I have them. However, considering the fact that I've been failing almost everything and I'm overwhelmed with the stress put on me, I often wonder if any of this was worth it at all. Would I really spend a couple or more years mugging and stressing and eventually not producing the dream results required for me to get into a university? Will my best ever be enough? Oh well, those are some of the decisions I regret. I also regret not taking care of my body and face from a younger age because now my existence and my entire being is an atrocity and I despise every inch of myself. I could've been so much better and now it's all so difficult to change.

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