Graduation: 2014 / No Good In Goodbyes

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I'm currently listening to The Script's latest album and one of their songs is titled "No Good In Goodbye" and I figured it fitted what I'm going to talk about. Graduation! So I don't understand how it's already Sunday night when it feels just like five hours ago when I left school on Friday. Anyway, random fact: I burned my tongue on pizza and it hurts like a bitch. I love my friends and I love my classmates because of how close we all are? I mean we're not close as in close-close but I still feel like I can be myself around them (generally) so I'm thankful for that. I'm happy we got Mr Max because he's an A+ GP teacher, other than when he accused me of skipping class. I'm exaggerating but whatever. Here are some pictures with some very amazing people.

I'll miss you forever. I already regret not taking pictures with my 3(?) ECs? 
  • I literally walked past you along the corridor and it took all my strength not to take those two steps and just ask you to take a picture with me. I mean c'mon it's just a picture, it's not like I'm asking you to go on a date with me (I would like that although I've never been on a date) Sigh I really like you. You're unpredictable. I can't predict how you're like.
  • I saw you on my way out of school!!! You're like bambambam I love your face ahhaha you're really nice (from my one and only experience of talking to you) I wish I took a picture with you!! Maybe at prom?? But I'd be taller than you I think since I'm gonna wear heels?
  • Okay I don't even know you and you seem really shy but yeah it'd have been nice to get a picture with you!!
If I'm bored over the next few days or I'm sick of studying then I'll make a separate post for my MJ Bitches xx

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