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Saturday, November 07, 2015

I haven't posted a blog entry in over a month. I have my first final exam - for my communications module - next Thursday. Next week is the last week of school, before reading week and then it's finals week. This semester has gone by fantastically fast. I'm not exactly in the mood to mug, which I know is bad, but instead of moping around I'm doing sorting out some stuff. Anyway, Nadiah tweeted today about Leroy Sanchez who I haven't listened to in quite awhile, and it's always amazing to see someone grow over the years. I'm listening to his cover of Sia's Elastic Heart. It's great. Great is an understatement, actually.

Anyway, I feel like such a mess recently. I've been feeling down and uninspired and I have to get out of this funk. It's always during this period of the year. I haven't decided if it's just the end of the year of it's specifically exams that always make me feel this way. Oh wow sorry I just left for an hour - I'm in the middle of sorting out all my files. All the lecture slides and stuff, I'm neatly putting them in folders. I hope with an organised laptop, I'll have a decluttered mind as well haha. Anyway both my portable hard disks have acted up occasionally so I'm thinking of getting a new one. I have like one WD hard disk and it died in 2013 which killed me, but it came back to life this year when I tried it again. I have another hard disk from Toshiba, and it's good but it gets crazy sometimes too. I just need a good one, c'mon. Both are a terabyte each which I find more than sufficient. I'll add that to  my wishlist. Nabs asks me every year for stuff that I want. She ends up getting me something different all the time, but it doesn't hurt to have a wishlist and it's like up there ^ right under my header but here's a link anyway. I'll update it soon.

I can't wait for finals to end. 30th November. Then clinicals. Then winter break (my birthday!) And then university starts again. 

Here are some pictures. I know y'all are suckers for a blog post with pictures. Let's go in chronological order.
We signed up for The Walking Dead: Mission Survive, but because of my number three enemy, the haze, it got cancelled. (If you know me well enough, you'd be able to guess who (or what) are enemy number one and two.
I met up with this amazing person called Juzan. I hope her A Levels goes well!!! 
I went to celebrate Nabs and Sid's birthdays. Eli is off paying for her stuff.
Friday (yesterday) was plaid day. So of course, a class photo isn't complete without an attempt to do a "squad goals" pose. // If you're on your phone, open this picture in a new tab and zoom in to Natalie's face hahahahahaa (she's the one in grey jeans, front row) Don't hate me Nat ily
And a more formal one. Two seconds before this picture was taken, Shao yelled "Can you stop being weird" because I tried to put my arm around his shoulder hahahaa so look it's around his waist now!! I guess I'm just used to being the tallest among my friends and always putting my arm around shoulders instead of waists but hey I could get used to this? I look like a damn potato gfdi I love my classmates, they're awesomeballs.
We went to Vivo after school to celebrate Nadh's birthday. Insyi and I look like the parents of this family astagha
Actually no, this one looks more like a family photo.
This pose does not suit me. I tried.
Endlessly thankful to have people in my life who make me smile and laugh. They make life a teensy bit more bearable. Thank you.

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