My 21st Birthday

Monday, January 29, 2018

My stomach is growling really badly right now so I should probably eat but I wanted to quickly start on this post. I turned twenty-one on 23rd December last year and it was pretty much my most dreaded birthday. I used to get really excited for it when I was a little younger but since my birthday is always during the school holidays, I never really got gifts from my school friends (except from my closest friends) or had any in-school celebrations. Everyone's always traveling in December so I never had friends who'd want to meet up with me and celebrate my birthday until I got to university. I still remember my first little "surprise" for my 19th birthday at La Marelle with a few of university friends. Anyway, let's take a little trip down memory lane.

Anyway, 2017 December wasn't really going well for me, in fact — everything was going wrong. Coupled with the fact that I pretty much despise my existence and regret ever being born, I was ready for my birthday to be a complete non-event. I was wrong.

I met up with Vict/Nat/Shao/Crys for tacos after their polyclinic orientation ended, and you have no idea how much I missed them. The tacos were actually fantastic, I forgot where we got them but I had the fish tacos and they were ah-may-zing. We still weren't really full after that so headed to Geláre Bugis+ to get some waffles. I hadn't gone out much after coming home from Melbourne so I decided to splurge and get some fancy banana waffles with a huge scoop of ice cream. Vict started vlogging a bit and I was whining because they were taking forever to serve my waffles but when it finally came — they started singing happy birthday and I almost cried y'all. I'm super observant so I usually suspect when things are weird but I had no idea they were gonna do that. I love them so much I'm so glad I met them. I hope our 2019 US Road Trip really happens. Anyway, Shao took out a Sephora bag from behind him and handed it to me and guess what!! They got me the Fenty Beauty Match Stix Trio! 

I'm pretty much obsessed with these. I don't know how but they chose the perfect shades. I use the stick in the shade "Truffle" for my contour pretty much everyday. And "Rum" is the prettiest colour ever it's like a blush and highlight. I don't use the shade "Caramel" as often because I usually do a pretty full coverage base already but it fits my skin colour well! I'm shook, I love them so much. 

I think this was on 22nd and I met up with Vict to send her off lol and I finally tasted Ravioli di Salmone for the first time in months.

On my birthday, the family and I went for a lunch buffet at Royal Palm and then we went to the conservatories and Gardens By The Bay. Here are some pics. Suddenly remembered that they surprised me with a cake at midnight. My parents and I were in the living room watching a horror movie so I was really focused on it and my mom turned off the fan and I was like wat, but I kept my eyes on the tele and suddenly they come out with cake and some apple crumble tarts. So good. My dad got me a dogtag necklace with a cheesy quote that I didn't take a picture of and my mom got me a a small vanity mirror with lights that has a mini tray underneath and I'm obsessed with it!! Thank u!!

A couple days later, I met up with Adlin who gave me a huge bag and I didn't even sneak a peek! We had an amazing lunch at Fat Papas and we could barely finish our food! I honestly don't remember what we did that day other than walk around but I opened my birthday gift when I came home and I screamed. Like, legit screamed. I've wanted the Vans Old Skool shoes for years and suddenly it became popular and I'm like *moon face emoji*. Still so happy that Ad got it for me and it's super crazy because I know they jack up the price for this specific shoe (in Singapore, at least). I'm so thankful, I don't deserve her :'( These are my favourite shoes ever (other than my Nike Air Force Ones), I wear them literally everywhere LOL. 

I met up with the rest of S2J a few days later for Wingstop :P @ Suntec City and at that point, I haven't seen them for like a month or something, much misses, much hugs. Omg it's the 29th of January, I haven't seen them in a month since we met in late December. I hope we will get to see each other soon. They've been really busy with work.

Anyway, they surprised me with the Marshall Major II Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones right there at Wingstop and asked me to open it immediately and I almost cried. I added it to my wishlist literally a few days before that and they got it for me and it's ridiculously expensive and it's honestly my favourite thing. I wear these headphones 24/7 now and my Apple EarPods just spoiled hahahais. These are on-ear headphones so I do have to take a short break from wearing them after a bit but the sound quality.......... sweetbabyjesus it's indescribable. The music is so three-dimensional and perfect in every way. I thought my earpods were good, but the moment I tried these headphones............. I went to music heaven. There's so much clarity in the sound. I suck at describing music obviously but it's really like angels whispering in my ear (or yelling - when I listen to rock music).

Last but definitely not least, the Divas and I met up and we had dessert at Swensens. What did we even have for dinner?? I completely forgot. But suddenly mid-dessert, Fatin & Sya handed me a surprise birthday gift!! They were so sneaky I swear. Literally the day before, Fatin was innocently asking about the palette and asked if it was good etc. I had zero suspicions. SNEAKY sia. But yessssss I've wanted this Urban Decay Naked Heat palette since it came out. So. Beautiful. I tried it once at Sara's house party when Insy brought it and my jaw dropped at the pigmentation. I would say Juvia's Place palettes are still the most pigmented and have the best texture but I've been using Naked Heat every. single. time. I. go. out. I'm obsessed. I'm a sucker for warm tones. Thank you babies :')

Last but not least, I got a gift for myself. I won a couple dietbets so I had extra $$ and decided to purchase the Charles & Keith Small Envelope Wallet in Pewter. I had a really hard time choosing between black or pewter but I finally decided on pewter after my mom told me I lose my things easily and pewter is a more eye-catching colour and can be found easier. I love it so much!! It's exactly what I wanted in a new wallet! 15 card slots? 2 note slots? A humongous accordion-style coin area with a zipper? Check, check and check! It's a front flap short wallet with a magnetic clasp closure. Ahhhh I'm in love.

So yeah. It might sound really materialistic then I'm going crazy for gifts but I don't usually get gifts and it just means a lot to me when someone I love actually puts thought and effort to get something they think or know I might like. I mean, sure I have a wishlist and not-so-subtly post the link to my wishlist when my birthday is coming but it's just so sweet and thoughtful of all of them to put in the time, effort (and money) to get me something that I really love. I'm so thankful to have all of them in my life.

This is probably the post with the most pictures ever on this blog. Hope it doesn't take too much time or data to load! I will bear in mind to compress/resize the pics in the future.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading this/looking through the pictures!!
Have a great week ahead! :)

♡ Tiara ♡

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  1. All these photos are so cute! Happy 21st birthday!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Aww, thank you Aleeha!! :) Hope you have a great day!!

      - T x

  2. Hi Tiara, Happy 21st Birthday! In US turning 21 is a big one because this is where they become fully adult and being allow to drink Alcohol, so mostly 21st Birthday is the "wild one" hehehe. Again, Happy Birthday dear!