A New Experience: Medical Checkup

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I’ve never had a medical checkup. Not a complete one like today, at least. Usually in primary or secondary school, they’d check eyesight, height & weight and that’s it. That’s why I was terrified for this checkup. It’s the pre-admission medical checkup for NUS. I booked it a few weeks ago. So every day since then, I’ve been freaking out internally & externally. I spent days just moping around, whining about how I don’t want to go for this checkup. I was so nervous and anxious about this appointment that I actually searched for anxiety tests and all that. There had to be something wrong with me for being so terrified about a stupid checkup.

I didn’t sleep all night, and when my alarm rang at 8am, i just dragged myself to the bathroom. Showered, got ready - it was weird because it’s my first time wearing makeup with glasses on in a long long long time, and it’s my first time wearing glasses out since A Levels ended. So at 9:15am I left home, headed to the meeting point where Nabs’ mom was picking me up. We used GPS to get there, but we did make it with five minutes to spare. At this point I was so nervous, I really needed to pee. My bladder was legit about to burst. We were in the queue for 25 minutes. A nurse came to me, saw my course and took my health booklet to photocopy some stuff. So Nabs who was behind me in line, ended up going before I did.

Nabs had to pay only $40 but since I had extra tests and vaccinations, I ended up paying A LOT. I forgot how much but I think it was $190+ DAMNNN. So Nabs disappeared by the time it was my turn at 

Station W: Visual Acuity + Height & Weight. This young lady asked me to stand at a point and she asked me to cover my right eye and read out and like YOU GUYS KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY LEFT EYE so I was like “ Can’t see” so she moved a row up and I just hentam based on the general shape of the alphabet lol. Then she asked me to cover my left eye and my right eye vision is awesome ok so I read out lot then she said I could come forward and there were those colour tests? She asked me to read out what I see and I’m good at this hehe then height & weight machine was handled by this middle-aged man and he didn’t say anything about me being fat so thanks man! Then I dropped my folder off at Room 12 and waited impatiently while texting Nabs who was at Room 13 waiting for her name to be called out. When my name was called up, I walked into 

Room 12: Blood Test + Vaccinations (Only for Medicine/Nursing/Pharmacy/Dentistry, I think?)  I forgot the name of my nurse but she explained to me what she was gonna do then she tied up my left upper arm and asked me to squeeze some ball then I asked if it was going to be painful and she said it was like normal injections so I’m like ok. Then she inserted the needle and after like 2 seconds, the blood stopped coming out and she shifted the needle and like pushed it in further but no blood came out hahaha. So she plastered that arm and said “No choice, have to do the other arm” So I did the same thing and this one HURT!! She said “Breath in” and I just didn’t breathe instead and it hurt so much oh my god but the blood was cool. She collected two tubes (like test-tube sized?) then said she was gonna give my tdap jab… what was it called - boostrix I think. It lasts 10 years!! She said my arm will hurt for days so she did it in my left arm. Then I went to 

Room 13: X-Ray + Urine Test  I dropped off my folder again with my IC and waited patiently. Then this girl came to me and gave me like a cup and a gown and said to pee in it and like “Half cup will do” and I was like ok! cos i told you my bladder about to burst right? She asked if I was fasting and I said yes then she smiled and said “Good luck” then I was also like “Change into this with nothing inside?” in a whispering voice and she said “Yeah nothing inside” so boo I went to the toilet and guess what !!! I couldn’t pee. I peed like quarter of the cup. Then I texted Nabs and Farah and like IDK I WAS SO STRESSED I SAT IN THE TOILET FOR TEN MINUTES OR SOMETHING. Then finally I decided I wasn’t going to pee anymore so I just sneakily left it on the counter/tray for the pee stuff and waited for my turn at the x-ray. The guy called out my name and told me wear to stand and then the end I could change! The x-ray was surprisingly fast! Then I headed for

Counter 22: POINTLESS They took all my forms and gave back my receipt and my queue number, told me to wait. So I looked for Nabs and recognised her head - duh seven years of us being friends - then we sat and talked and I was worried about them calling me back because my pee wasn’t enough or what… But then it was my turn and the doctor was nice, he checked my blood pressure and heartbeat or respiratory stuff idk then he knock on my stomach or what, so weird - luckily my stomach didn’t growl or whatever then he said he’ll see me again in a week bc I have to come back to collect my immunisation/vaccination reports!! 6 JULY!!

THE END!!!!! 

I DIDN’T DIE THANK GOD. Nabs and I took a shuttle bus to PGP because she’s considering staying there then we walked around and sweated and finally went back to Kent Ridge MRT. It was 1:10pm when we boarded it, and I reached Pasir Ris at 2:10pm so that’s not bad, I suppose!! I went to meet momsie and we went grocery shopping I SAW ALL THE F&N AND STARTED CRAVING BUT MOM KNOWS ME BEST SO GOT ME FANTA GRAPE FOR BUKA (OR LATER AT NIGHT, because my dad hates us drinking anything that’s not plain water or hot drinks…) Then I carried everything home - even though both my arms got poked at and she went to Afghanistan to buy food for buka puasa!!!

Anyway I have no internet because the wifi is shit in this house like if my laptop and phone no internet what to do with my life sia. So it’s currently 3:15pm and I’ll post this only after buka I suppose?? That’s 8-9+pm :) Thanks for reading if you got this far lol



I’m gonna be blogging or vlogging all my uni experiences bc I made the mistake of creating this blog in July 2013 and my youtube channel in 2014 so I didn’t get to document my first few months in JC and that sucked. So yeah I’ll try to blog/vlog as much as i can!!

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