Sprained Wrist + Other Serious Things

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Hi I'm back. It hurts to type but I'm dedicated so here goes.

Let's see how shit my luck has been this week. So I posted on Monday that my class outing got cancelled right so that was the shitty thing of the day other than the very difficult anatomy & physiology paper. And I'm doing like two of the hardest modules IN ONE SEMESTER NEXT SEMESTER. Tuesday I went out with Nature. We got soaked in the rain and out plan to do some rooftop photography got cancelled and we had nothing to do until our 5:10pm James Bond movie so we decided to watch Our Times instead. No regrets because that movie is amazing - and I cried - and he's actually super adorable (I'm referring to Hsu Taiyu hjdkfbksdgf) I admit at the start I was like okay so this is the guy everyone's going crazy about? And then like ten minutes i'M LIKE yEP I'M PART OF THAT EVERYONE. I shall download that and keep it in my hard disk. Speaking about hard disks, I bought Seagate Backup Plus Slim in Blue I think? And it's arriving December 11 so I hope it lasts long!! I had a WD My Passport and then it crashed and I lost EVERYTHING including my Japan trip photos and I got so angry but being the optimist that I am, I kept it and randomly, two years later (aka this year) I tried it and it started working again so I quickly transferred out everything into the Toshiba Canvio Connect that I have but lately both are abit crazy so that's why I bought a new one and I can hopefully make this one last long... Anyway how the hell did I go from talking about my bad luck to hard disks?? Okay yeah so I got drenched in the rain so watching the movie was just... cold. I was freezing and my shoes and socks were wet it was a pretty gross feeling. Oh another shit thing that happened was that the Carousell seller I bought my Adventure Cove tickets from, forgot that I paid for AM Mail (because I need the tickets asap) and she sent it out by normal mail. #SUCHLUCK

Let's talk about Wednesday. Wednesday's the only free day we had (my malay clique lah let's call  it that) I had to postpone my outing with Farah to Thursday so I could go out with my malay clique. I was all excited, met up with Dina and Nadiah at Macs to have breakfast. Insyi texted saying she can't come. So we were all bummed because she's practically like the life of the group. We ditched our karaoke plan and decided to go iceskating instead. Paid $20 and then after three rounds, I fell, landed with my wrist at a weird angle and sprained it. Some guy came up and offered to help (thank you) but I said I was just gonna sit there for a bit. It hurt like a mothertrucker. My friends skated up, asked if I was okay and the angmoh supervisor/trainer came up and asked if I was okay and I'm just like yes I'm okay and he asked if I could move my hand and I wiggled some fingers and he said that I'm strong because I wasn't crying and after sitting there for like one minute I stood up with Nadh's help and then skated to the side wall and then my hearing faded and I was just like "Shit guys I can't hear" and I just kept repeating that so I kinda just wanted to go out of the rink and take a seat so I just started to skate step by step to the entrance/exit and my vision started fading and it was exactly like the time I almost blacked out after 2.4km in JC1 so okay being in an iceskating rink was 10x worse but I made it and I just sat on the floor and rest my head against some railings and that was the worst part of my day and it hurts so bad up till now sigh. Oh and I also broke my watch because I accidentally hit something and I also thought I was locked in a public toilet at the Punggol Bus Interchange toilet and I panicked and knocked on the door frantically before I realised I turned the wrong handle but yes that was the shittiest day of this year I think - the other one being my A Level results day lol

So I got home, realised that my wrist is legit sprained and I can't go Adventure Cove with Farah today aka Thursday so.... yes, that's the end of my very shitty week. Farah says it's retribution for cancelling on her twice. Once - postponing our outing from Wednesday to Thursday, and second for cancelling on her because I sprained my wrist.

Here are some photos.

Today is the 4 year anniversary of 5SOS/since Ashton joined the band as their drummer so yay.

Onto serious things.
The Sam Pepper "prank" he posted recently is just absolute bullshit. I don't understand how that can be a prank, I don't understand how his bestfriend of five years can be a part of it, and I don't understand how that's even remotely funny. I'm just like ?? wtf ?? and the prankee is eventually okay with his best friend "pranking" him like that? I would never do that to a friend. It's mad. It's honestly just utter madness and Sam Pepper is mad and I obviously have a shitty vocabulary which consists of only the word "mad" and "shitty" so yeah idk what are your thoughts?? Watch the video here:

And lastly, the Fazura incident. She's a Malaysian actress I think and what happened was that she posted a picture with her friends and someone commented "Mcm kimK yg dpn tu" which basically, for my non-malay franz who read my blog, means "The one in front looks like kimK" aka Kim Kardashian and that's an obvious fact/short form but Fazura took it the wrong way thinking it's a malay curse word and refused to apologise. Look at this and this. She refuses to provide a simple apology and literally everyone says kimk/kim k and like she even capitalised the K in her comment so it's really Fazura's fault for being so ignorant?? Somebody even commented that Fazura has her own tv show on E! (It's called Facing Up to Fazura LOL) and she's unaware of a very wellknown shortform for Kim's name??? She says she hates hypocrites but lol.

Okay bye gonna continue my tv show marathon bc life sucks when you only have one hand

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